adhd podcasts

1. ADHD reWired

About Podcast The podcast for adults with ADHD. Hear stories, learn strategies, and get great productivity tips as we talk about the real-life struggles and what it takes to achieve success. Host, Eric Tivers, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, coach and entrepreneur (with ADHD) in private practice. Eric interviews a variety of guests. Many are people just like yourself, as well professionals, entrepreneurs, and ADHD experts. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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2. Attention Talk Radio

About Podcast The leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on ADHD and ADD including managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder, adults with ADD, or adults who have children with ADHD. Our weekly Internet radio podcasts provide support for ADHD and ADD. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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3. ADHD Experts Podcast

About Podcast Leading ADHD experts gives real-life answers to questions submitted by ADD adults and parents raising children with attention deficit disorder across a range of topics covering symptoms, school, work, and family life. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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4. Taking Control | The ADHD Podcast

About Podcast The host, Nikki Kinzer, is an ADHD coach, podcaster, and educator, and she would like to help you take control of your ADHD. She has offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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5. Overcoming Distractions The Podcast

About Podcast Overcoming Distractions is a book written by David A Greenwood on thriving with Adult ADHD. The Podcast is a show dedicated to telling the stories of those who have thrived with ADHD. From small business owners, inventors, entrepreneurs and many more, you will hear how they have used ADHD in their favor and tools to make ADHD work for you. There is no complaining here, just street smart advice on how to crush ADHD. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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6. Adult ADHD ADD Tips

About Podcast We share effective tips and practices for working with Adult ADD / Adult ADHD in a natural, holistic way, without the use of medications. Hosted by Bahman Sarram and Michael Joseph Ferguson. Frequency 1 episode / month Podcast
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7. Parenting ADHD Podcast

About Podcast Penny Williams from Parenting ADHD, reveals her powerful parenting strategies, ADHD management tips, and hard-won wisdom so you can get ahead of the curve, to parent your child with ADHD successfully. Penny has been where you are and understands the hurdles blocking your way to successful parenting. Frequency 8 episodes / quarter Podcast
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8. The Faster Than Normal Podcast | ADD | ADHD | Health

About Podcast Having ADD or ADHD is a gift, not a curse. Hear from people all around the globe, from every walk of life, in every profession, from Rock Stars to CEOs, from Teachers to Politicians, who have learned how to unlock the gifts of their ADD and ADHD diagnosis, and use it to their personal and professional advantage, to build businesses, become millionaires, or simply better their lives. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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9. ADHD Essentials

About Podcast Brendan Mahan, MEd., MS, is a dynamic ADHD/Executive Function consultant, coach, and speaker. As a veteran educator, he is skilled at teaching people how to effectively manage the challenges they face. He loves to help people affected by ADHD troubleshoot, and redesign their lives in order to lessen the impact of the disorder. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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10. ADHD Support Talk Radio

About Podcast ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast is an award-winning Podcast for Adults with ADD / ADHD. Hosts Tara McGillicuddy and Lynne Edris are joined by Adult ADHD experts and they cover important topics related to Adult ADD / ADHD. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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11. Proudly ADHD at work and in business

About Podcast Diagnosed late in life with Adult ADHD? What's your next move? 1. Suffer, be a victim to the diagnosis. 2. Avoid ADHD diagnosis. 3. Change the diagnosis. 4. Alter your experience of the diagnosis. 5. Accept the diagnosis. If you are a professional or own a business and want to focus on the strengths of your ADHD brain this podcast is for you. You learned about your ADHD late in life. It's a hard pill to swallow but it also can be your new blueprint on how to manage your brain. In this podcast, I hope to connect, educate, and inspire you to manage your ADHD brain and take control. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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12. ADHD People | The Tom Nardone Show | An Enema of ADHD

About Podcast In the ADHD community, there are plenty of people offering to help ADHD people be more productive. My wife and I are ADHD. We don't want to help you change. We want you to see you are not alone by allowing you access into our lives and into the lives of other ADHD people who are happy to be ADHD. We hope you will join us as we put the awe in awesome! Frequency 1 episode / quarter Podcast
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About Podcast Podcasts from CHADD, Ask the Expert, and CHADD's National Resource Center on ADHD address a variety of topics on ADHD, including interventions and tips for parents, adults, educators, and other professionals. Frequency 5 episodes / quarter Podcast
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14. ADHD Focus with David Pomeroy, MD

About Podcast Stay tuned to listen to the latest news of ADHD with host David Pomeroy. Frequency 3 episodes / quarter Podcast
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15. Distraction with Dr. Ned Hallowell

About Podcast Distraction, hosted by Dr. Edward Hallowell, child and adult psychiatrist, New York Times best-selling author, and leading authority in ADHD, explores how we are driven to distraction and offers coping strategies to turn modern problems into new-found strengths. It's about insights, strategies, and tactics for all, from those who occasionally lose their keys to those who spend hours online to those who wander away from a task at work, at school, at home, at play because they got distracted along the way. Frequency 2 episodes / week Since Mar 2016 Podcast
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16. Smarter Parenting | ADHD Parenting Podcast

About Podcast Join ADHD Parenting Coach, Siope Kinikini, in the new ADHD parenting podcast as he gives parents the confidence to successfully raise a child with ADHD. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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17. Club ADHD

About Podcast A podcast (produced in Canada) for adults with ADHD and is presented by The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada. The podcast is hosted by Russ Le Blanc a former nationally syndicated broadcaster who just happens to have ADHD. Russ adds information with a bit of humor to make this podcast extremely listenable. Frequency 1 episode / quarter Podcast
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18. Living Beyond ADHD

About Podcast ADHD is one of the most researched yet least understood conditions of our time. Living Beyond ADHD host, Dr. B, is here to explore relevant information that just isn't making it from the experts to the general public, and to close that gap. Those diagnoses missed in earlier years and made in adulthood, add many burdens to the discovery. Frequency 14 episodes / year Podcast
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19. I Have ADHD Podcast

About Podcast If you're an adult with ADHD (or you think you might have it) this podcast is for you! Feeling scattered, frustrated, and misunderstood? Join host Kristen Carder as she chats about the frustrations and challenges of adulting, relationships, working, and achieving with this neurodevelopmental disorder. Kristen will help you understand your unique brain, unlock your potential, and move from Point A to Point B. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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20. Adulting With ADHD

About Podcast A podcast FOR women with ADHD BY a woman with ADHD. Unpacking issues of self-worth, tricks/tips and so much more. Join me for an important discussion that's long overdue. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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21. The Complex

About Podcast The Complex is a podcast about living life with ADHD. It is the brainchild of James Ochoa and is based on his seminal work with the Emotional Distress Syndrome of ADHD. Frequency 4 episodes / year Podcast
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22. ADHD with Travis Mills

About Podcast Travis Mills has ADHD and he's not afraid to admit it. ADHD is a far-reaching conversation with Travis' group of entertainment, comedy, music, and actor friends, about anything from popular culture moments, what success looks like, daily routines, working out, to all things life in LA. Podcast
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23. The ADHD Mama

About Podcast I'm Susy, I'm an author, blogger and ADHD mama and I'm passionate about educating, supporting and inspiring parents to see ADHD as a positive trait. I believe that with the right guidance, diet, love & understanding we could be holding the key to future stars in the making! Podcast
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