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1. Agile Alliance

About Blog Agile Alliance is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile software development as outlined in the Agile Manifesto. Follow this blog to get the latest and greatest articles from the Agile community like how-to's, best practices, and more! Frequency 1 post / day Since Jul 2012 Blog
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2. AgileConnection | Agile Development Blog

About Blog Your agile software development resource with content and conversations about agile principles & practices, Scrum, kanban, enterprise agile, DevOps practices, agile leadership. brings together the latest agile ideas and practices from experienced software professionals and thought leaders. offers how-to advice on the latest agile development principles. Frequency 5 posts / quarter Since Sep 2000 Blog
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3. Mountain Goat Software | Mike Cohn's Blog

About Blog Mike Cohn provides certified ScrumMaster training and agile training to build extremely high-performance development organizations. Learn agile and Scrum tips and techniques from expert ScrumMaster, educator, and author Mike Cohn of Mountain Goat Software. Frequency 2 posts / month Since Oct 2001 Also in Blog
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4. Agile Advice

About Blog Agile Advice covers Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development, OpenAgile, as well as other topics related to teams and management. Frequency 2 posts / year Since Apr 2005 Blog
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5. LeadingAgile - Agile Transformation Blog

About Blog We believe in safe, incremental, pragmatic change and improving the business drivers executives repeatedly tell us are behind their desire to adopt agile. Follow this blog to get information on Agile Training, Agile Coaching, Agile Transformation. Frequency 1 post / week Since Jun 2007 Blog
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6. | Scrum Masters Blog

About Blog provides comprehensive training, assessments and certifications globally to improve the profession of software delivery. Follow this blog to know more about scrum in depth. Frequency 2 posts / day Since Dec 2013 Blog
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7. Scrum Expert Agile Project Management & Software Development

About Blog Scrum Expert provides Agile knowledge for the ScrumMasters, Product Owners and Agile Software Developers: Backlog, User Stories, Sprint, Retrospectives.Scrum Expert presents industry news, articles, blog posts, book reviews, tools, videos and other resources about agile software development project management with the Scrum approach. Frequency 30 posts / year Since Jan 2010 Blog
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8. Age of Product Agile best practices with Scrum, LeSS & Lean Startup

About Blog Tools, practices, and insights for agile product development. From Scrum and Kanban to Lean Startup. Learn about dual-track agile & other best practices. Frequency 1 post / week Since Aug 2015 Also in Blog
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9. Adventures with Agile | Agile Software Development Training UK

About Blog We believe agile ways of working contribute to a better working life & products. We do this through agile coaching, agile training & agile community events. Follow this blog to get articles, podcasts and webinars on Agile and much more. Frequency 2 posts / month Since Dec 2013 Blog
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10. Agile Pain Relief—Certified ScrumMaster Training and Consulting

About Blog Agile Pain Relief provides Certified ScrumMaster training courses and Agile Consulting to help individuals, teams, and organizations learn Agile and Scrum. Follow this blog to get the latest Agile news, tips, resources and much more. Frequency 1 post / month Since Aug 2006 Blog
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11. Reddit | Agile Development

About Blog Interesting bits about Agile Development. Includes Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean, Kanban, etc. Frequency 3 posts / day Blog
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12. Scaled Agile Framework SAFe for Lean Enterprises

About Blog SAFe is an online freely revealed knowledge base of proven, integrated patterns for implementing Lean-Agile development. It provides comprehensive guidance for work at the Portfolio, Large Solution, Program, and Team Levels. Follow this blog to get resources on lean agile. Frequency 3 posts / month Since Aug 2015 Blog
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13. SCRUMstudy Blog

About Blog The Best in Scrum Master Certification and Agile Certification - SCRUMstudy provides High Quality Training and Certification for Agile and Scrum Master. We provide Interactive Training which covers all Project Management Roles and Core Principles. Frequency 29 posts / year Since Dec 2012 Blog
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14. Kanban Zone - Blog

About Blog Read this blog for the latest insights on productivity with Kanban. Topics include Kanban, Lean Thinking, Agile methods, Scrumban, Kaizen and more. Frequency 6 posts / month Blog
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15. Scrum Inc

About Blog Scrum Inc. is the premier provider of Scrum training and consulting. We help companies and individuals dramatically increase productivity and quality. Follow this blog to get information on Scrum training, consulting and much more. Frequency 4 posts / month Since May 2002 Blog
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16. SolutionsIQ Blog - Agile Enterprise Solutions

About Blog At SolutionsIQ, we know Scaling Agile is possible: we have Agile Enterprise Solutions that make the best Agile tools and practices work for your business. Follow this blog to get Agile Coaching,Agile Software Development,Agile Transformation, Business Agility and much more. Frequency 11 posts / year Since May 2007 Blog
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17. Digit | Blog on Kanban Agile and Project Management

About Blog Learn the principles and practices of the Agile, Lean Kanban, and Project Management practices and how to apply them. Collaborative Lean/ Agile ALM/ PPM/ DevOps for Distributed Teams and Organizations. SaaS and On-Premise. Blog
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18. Agile For All | Agile Blog

About Blog With agile training from Agile For All, you can learn to deliver maximum impact with minimum time and effort, and dramatically increase the flow of value. Frequency 29 posts / year Since Mar 2007 Blog
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19. tryScrum

About Blog tryScrum mission is to Humanize Organizations by going deeper to unlock prescience to challenge the established thinking and drive transformation. Follow to get updates from this blog directly to your inbox. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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20. AgileSparks-Agile Consulting/Training With a Spark

About Blog AgileSparks is providing Agile/Scrum/Kanban solutions including training, coaching, assessment, All things Agile/Lean,focused on Agile Transformations, Scaling, Organizational Agility, Agile Marketing, DevOps, Kanban, Lean Startup.Follow this blog to know more about Agile. Frequency 3 posts / quarter Since Oct 2016 Blog
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21. The agile42 Blog

About Blog agile42 has a proven approach to successful agile implementations. We support you with a full range of coaching services and specialized trainings. Frequency 1 post / day Since Apr 2008 Blog
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22. | Agile 101

About Blog is an industry-leading technology company dedicated to helping Global 5000 enterprises achieve digital transformation goals. Using value stream management as its cornerstone, combines innovative technologies in agile planning, application protection, software delivery, and artificial intelligence into a unified Value Stream Platform. Are you wondering 'What is Agile?' or brushing up on your Agile knowledge? Check out our Agile 101 resources. Frequency 10 posts / week Since Jul 2009 Blog
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23. Agile Uprising Podcast

About Blog Agile Uprising is a purpose-built network that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset and global professional networking between and among practicing agilists. Agile Uprising Podcast is a podcast for agilists. Frequency 1 post / week Since Jan 2017 Blog
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24. Ben Linders - Sharing my Experience

About Blog Ben Linders shares his experience on Agile, Lean, Quality and Continuous Improvement in Software Development. Frequency 1 post / day Since Jul 2010 Blog
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25. RGalen Consulting - Agile Training

About Blog Bob's Blog Bob is a prolific blogger who simply enjoys sharing his experiences with colleagues in the Agile Community. Topics revolve around Scrum, XP, Kanban, Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing, Leadership and General Musings.   Check back often as we've always got something to say...  Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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