autism podcasts

1. The Autism Helper Podcast

About Podcast The Autism Helper Podcast explores different strategies to improve the lives of individuals with autism. Frequency 1 episode / day Since Nov 2018 Podcast
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2. Turn Autism Around

About Podcast Dr. Mary Barbera, autism mom, BCBA-D, RN, best-selling author of The Verbal Behavior Approach, and online course creator discusses autism from several different angles for both parents as well as medical, educational, and behavioral professionals. Each week we discuss autism ideas to improve the lives of your children or clients and also cover how to help you be less stressed and live a happier life. Topics include the early signs of autism, the chances of autism recovery, the importance of autism treatment, especially the use of ABA and the Verbal Behavior Approach in toddlers through teens. In each episode, we discuss problem behaviors including reducing stimming and scripting as well as handling self-injurious behavior and aggression. Some shows also cover the medical aspects of autism including topics such as PANS/PANDAS as well as supplement and medication use for kids on the spectrum. There are financial implications and political aspects of autism that we talk about too. So, whether you're a parent or other relative of a child with autism, or an autism professional such as a behavior analyst, nurse, physician, speech pathologist, or teacher, you're going to want to listen and subscribe! Learn more at Frequency 1 episode / week Since Jan 2019 Podcast
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3. Josh Has Autism

About Podcast This is a podcast about both having Autism and living with somebody who has Autism. This series brings perspectives of living on and with the Spectrum from Sonya King, her son Josh and various guests. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Nov 2017 Podcast
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4. Adventures in Autism

About Podcast Adventures in Autism podcast by Megan is all about support and sharing our journeys with autism. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Sep 2018 Podcast
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5. ASF Weekly Science Podcasts

About Podcast The latest autism research news stories with ASF Chief Science Officer Alycia Halladay Frequency 3 episodes / month Since Jul 2015 Podcast
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6. Autism Blueprint Podcast

About Podcast Whether you are a parent, raising a child with autism, a caregiver for an adult on the spectrum or a professional assisting those with autism spectrum disorder, the Autism Blueprint Podcast is here to help. Each week, this podcast focus on how you can live with autism more effectively and more peacefully. Host, Janeen Herskovitz shares her own insights as a therapist and autism mom to help your home become more peaceful, one room at a time Frequency 3 episodes / quarter Since Feb 2017 Podcast
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7. Parenting Autism

About Podcast The parents of Bryce share their Autism journey with stories about their five year old son who was diagnosed with ASD at age two. The podcast is designed to connect with families who have been touched by Autism. It also sheds light on the Mommy and Daddy perspective of parenting on the Spectrum. Frequency 4 episodes / month Since Nov 2018 Podcast
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8. The Autism Stress Less Podcast

About Podcast We are a family that helps other families find resources, solutions and provide support to help relieve the stressors that occur when parenting a child with autism. Frequency 4 episodes / month Podcast
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9. All Autism Talk

About Podcast This podcast offers a friendly conversation with inspiring individuals in the autism community and provides valuable insights and information. Frequency 2 episodes / month Podcast
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10. The Bernadette T Henry Show

About Podcast Bernadette speaks about physical, mental and emotional wellness for stressed and autism moms. Bernadette also speaks about her favorite exercise, jump rope and its many benefits. Bernadette also discusses other topics as they arise. Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Since Aug 2017 Podcast
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11. Naturally Recovering Autism with Karen Thomas

About Podcast Inspiring parents with natural solutions to create the most fulfilling, healthy and productive life possible for their children with autism. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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12. Autism Parenting Secrets

About Podcast Are you a parent of a child with Autism? Are you ready to rise above the diagnosis? Each week on Autism Parenting Secrets, we are going to share how you can rise up and become the parent you need to be. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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13. My Autism Tribe

About Podcast We are a community of advocates that are linked by autism but bound by strength. Our mission is to spread autism awareness and acceptance in communities with communication platforms and educational resources. Our goal is to create a future where all individuals, regardless of how they think, feel and socialize, will be recognized for their gifts. Frequency 24 episodes / year Podcast
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14. Affect Autism - Podcast

About Podcast guides parents and caregivers of special needs children in bringing out the highest potential in their children using a developmental, relationship based approach called DIR/Floortime. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Sep 2015 Podcast
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15. The World According to The Autistic Kid

About Podcast The World According To The Autistic Kid is a leading autism podcast interviewing famous autistic celebrities or anyone who takes the hosts interest. It is hosted by The Autistic Kid, Dominic Barstow. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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16. Autism Spectrum Teacher | Podcast about Teaching, Empowering & Understanding Autistic Individuals

About Podcast Sharing knowledge, information and practical advice related to autism through having conversations with autistic individuals, parents, carers, teachers, educational professionals and service providers. Frequency 8 episodes / year Since Jan 2019 Podcast
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17. Autism in the Wild - Podcast

About Podcast The podcast that talks about what it's really like to live with autism. Each episode will feature an interview with someone who has autism or has some type of connection with autism. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Jun 2018 Podcast
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18. The Autism Podcast

About Podcast The Autism Podcast aims to improve our understanding of autism, boost acceptance, reduce autism stigma and generate impactful, transformative ideas ranging from practical everyday advice to thoughts on policy, practice and wider socio-cultural challenges. Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Since Oct 2018 Podcast
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19. Normal With Autism

About Podcast Experience life through the perspective of special needs families. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Sep 2018 Podcast
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20. Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast

About Podcast South Florida rubias, Brenda and Kristi, candidly discuss MOTHERHOOD & AUTISM while balancing heels and cocktails. Frequency 1 episode / month Podcast
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21. This Podcast Has Autism

About Podcast This is a place where Autistics can share their talents & thoughts to show they are not completely different. Frequency 2 episodes / year Since May 2018 Podcast
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22. Autism and Us

About Podcast Autism and Us is an honest and relatable podcast around the topic of autism. Each episode invites a parent or close family member of someone with autism to share their story. Frequency 5 episodes / year Since Sep 2018 Podcast
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23. Stories About Autism - Podcast

About Podcast Welcome to the Stories About Autism podcast, hosted by James Hunt, the dad of two autistic boys. Each week he will be joined by a special guest, who will be telling their own story about autism. James will be talking to autistic adults, parents and family members of children with autism and professionals who work with autistic individuals Since Apr 2018 Podcast
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24. Not Your Mama's Autism

About Podcast NYMA is the story of one family's experiences with autism through a multi-generational lens. Hosted by a woman who is both the older sibling to a non-verbal man living with autism and now the mother of two children on the autism spectrum, NYMA takes on topics like autism awareness now compared to thirty years ago, past and current treatments, allies, special education pre-Covid-19 and during Covid-19, disability rights broken down by zip code, marriage therapy along the autism journey, intersectionality of race and disability, corporate inclusion efforts and much more. Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Since Jul 2020 Podcast
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