baptist blogs

1. Baptist Press

About Blog Baptist Press is the official news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. Recognizing its role to serve the broader evangelical community, Baptist Press seeks to carry stories and report news that is of interest to numerous likeminded evangelical readers.Baptist Press provides news service to the 42 state Baptist papers. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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2. Baptist News Global

About Blog Baptist News Global is a reader-supported, independent news organization providing original and curated news, opinion and analysis about matters of faith. BNG covers the people, events and ideas that are shaping American culture and Baptist life. We do so from a perspective that is Baptist in heritage and ecumenical in spirit. Frequency 8 posts / day Since Nov 1999 Blog
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3. SBC Voices

About Blog SBC Voices is a blog about issues that concern Southern Baptists. Frequency 1 post / day Since Jun 2007 Blog
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4. Paul Chappell

About Blog Dr. Paul Chappell is the senior pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church and president of West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California. His biblical vision has led the church to become one of the most dynamic independent Baptist churches in the nation. Frequency 1 post / week Since Nov 2006 Also in Blog
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5. Albert Mohler

About Blog Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. serves as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This blog is about Cultural commentary from a Biblical perspective. Frequency 4 posts / week Blog
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6. Brentwood Baptist - News Articles

About Blog Brentwood Baptist is a community of believers whose mission is to connect others to Jesus Christ through Worship, Discipleship, and Service. Frequency 30 posts / year Since Dec 2010 Blog
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7. Baptist Standard

About Blog Baptist news and opinions for Texas Baptists, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Southern Baptist Convention and more. Trusted Baptist news source since 1888. Frequency 1 post / week Since Apr 2008 Blog
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8. Borrowed Light

About Blog In Christ, Husband, Father, Learner, Pastor at FBC Marionville, Writer, Author of Torn to Heal: God's Good Purpose in Suffering & The Seeds Project. That Christ may be the only boast of this generation. Frequency 30 posts / year Since Jan 2007 Blog
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9. Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

About Blog Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary is committed to glorifying God by training men to fulfill the Great Commission Frequency 2 posts / month Since Dec 2011 Also in Blog
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10. River Road Church Baptist

About Blog River Road Church, Baptist is a community of believers coming from many faith traditions to worship and grow together in Christian fellowship. Frequency 1 post / week Since Sep 2011 Blog
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11. Reddit - Reformed Baptists

About Blog The purpose of Reformed Baptists is for mutual discussion and edification of Reformed and Calvinistic Baptists, We subscribe to either the 1646 or 1689 version of the London Baptist Confession of Faith. Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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12. Reddit - Baptist Christians

About Blog Christian Baptists looking for discussion, news, and articles. Come ask questions and learn about the Christian faith and Baptist practice. Frequency 9 posts / week Blog
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13. MBC Pathway | Baptist & Christian News

About Blog Missouri & U.S. Baptist News & Christian News on churches, faith, ethics & policy, inspirational columns, global news & apologetics. The Pathway is the official news media of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Frequency 3 posts / day Blog
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14. Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

About Blog The Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty's mission is to defend and extend God-given religious liberty for all, furthering the Baptist heritage that champions the principle that religion must be freely exercised, neither advanced nor inhibited by government. Frequency 3 posts / week Since Dec 2005 Blog
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15. The Alabama Baptist

About Blog The Alabama Baptist has its readers' Christian walk in mind, seeking to empower them to live out discipleship in their personal, professional and church life. It aims to equip them with resources and information and to do that with competence, compassion, fairness and dependability as a news source. Frequency 10 posts / day Blog
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16. Baptist & Reflector

About Blog The Baptist and Reflector is the official newsjournal of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. Its beginnings can be traced back to 1835, making it one of the oldest Baptist papers in the Southern Baptist Convention. Frequency 5 posts / day Blog
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17. Nurturing Faith Journal

About Blog The mission of Nurturing Faith Journal is to provide relevant and trusted information, thoughtful analysis and inspiring features, rooted in the historic Baptist tradition of freedom of conscience, for reflective Christians seeking to live out a mature faith in a fast-changing culture. Frequency 4 posts / day Since Jul 2007 Blog
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18. Baptist Message

About Blog 'Helping Louisiana Baptists Impact the World For Christ'. Since 1886 the Louisiana Baptist Message has provided news to inform, inspire and encourage your faith in Christ. Frequency 8 posts / day Blog
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19. Reformed Baptist Blog

About Blog Pastoral Insights from a Reformed Baptist Perspective. Frequency 2 posts / month Since Nov 2006 Blog
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20. Junction City - First Southern Baptist Church

About Blog Gabriel Hughes is the pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in , KS. Our mission is to 'make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,' teaching to observe all that Christ has commanded. Frequency 22 posts / year Since Feb 2014 Also in Blog
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21. Wilshire Baptist Church

About Blog Wilshire Baptist is a Christian community of believers whose mission is to build a community of faith shaped by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Frequency 30 posts / year Since Sep 2017 Blog
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22. CBFblog

About Blog This blog is an online community for Cooperative Baptists. A Christian network of individuals and churches partnering together to renew God's world. This place is designed with Fellowship people in mind. It's a place where people who are involved in, or interested in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship can network, learn, and discuss. Frequency 1 post / day Since Oct 2007 Blog
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23. Strand Baptist Church

About Blog Our church is part of a story—an ancient story of God, who loves the world so much that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. ​We are witnesses to this amazing news in the community of Strand.​ Frequency 27 posts / year Since Jan 2013 Blog
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24. Baptist Women in Ministry

About Blog Baptist Women in Ministry serves as a catalyst, drawing together women and men in partnership with God, to illuminate, advocate, and nurture the gifts of women. Speaking up and speaking out on behalf of women ministers. Joining women and men together in partnership with God. Building bridges of service Frequency 1 post / week Since Mar 2010 Blog
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25. Barnabas File

About Blog I consider myself an itinerant educator. My time is spent in encouraging and equipping ministers through my work with the Central Baptist Seminary and Pinnacle Leadership Associates. Frequency 1 post / day Since Jun 2006 Blog
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