data science podcasts

1. Data Framed - Podcast

About Podcast Data science is one of the fastest growing industries. But what exactly is data science? In this podcast, brought to you by DataCamp, Hugo Bowne-Anderson approaches the question by exploring what problems data science can solve rather than defining what data science is. From automated medical diagnosis and self-driving cars to recommendation systems and climate change, come on a journey with experts from industry and academia to explore the industry that will change the course of the 21st century. Frequency 1 episode / year Podcast

2. Data Skeptic

About Podcast Data Skeptic is your source for a perspective of scientific skepticism on topics in statistics, machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and data science through short tutorials and interviews with domain experts. Frequency 1 episode / week Since May 2014 Also in Podcast
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3. Super Data Science - Podcast

About Podcast Super Data Science podcast brings you the most inspiring Data Scientists and Analysts from around the world to help you build your successful career in Data Science. Frequency 2 episodes / week Since Sep 2016 Also in Podcast
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4. Linear Digressions

About Podcast Linear Digressions is a podcast about Data Science and Machine Learning. If you are interested in this growing field, take a listen to see what it's about! Frequency 30 episodes / year Since Feb 2016 Also in Podcast
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5. Data Science at Home

About Podcast The podcast about technology, machine learning and algorithms Podcast

6. O'Reilly Data Show

About Podcast This podcast tries to give insight, analysis, and research about emerging data technologies. The O'Reilly Data Show Podcast explores the opportunities and techniques driving big data, data science, and AI. Since May 2015 Podcast
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7. DataHack Radio | Data Science for Practitioners

About Podcast DataHack Radio is an exclusive podcast series from Analytics Vidhya that features Kunal Jain in conversation with the top data science and machine learning industry leaders and practitioners. Podcast

8. The Artists of Data Science

About Podcast It's a podcast to help data scientists develop, grow, and flourish. To help data scientists develop in their professional lives by talking to leaders about how to become leaders. To help them grow in their personal lives by talking to authors of books that are geared towards personal growth and development. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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9. Data Science Imposters Podcast

About Podcast Data Science Imposters Podcast is focused on talking about, otherwise inaccessible, data science and technology related topics as casually as possible. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast

10. Women in Data Science - Podcast

About Podcast Data science is improving outcomes in a wide range of domains from healthcare to seismology to human rights and more. Hear from women across the data science profession, as they share their career highlights, advice and lessons learned along the way. Frequency 1 episode / month Podcast

11. Half Stack Data Science Podcast

About Podcast Half Stack Data Science is a podcast by David Asboth and Dr. Shaun McGirr about the realities of Data Science in the enterprise business world. Frequency 3 episodes / year Podcast

12. Data Science In Production

About Podcast Data Science in Production is the podcast designed to help Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers get their models in to production faster. They focus on the tool, techniques and people of machine learning. Podcast

13. TAG Data Talk

About Podcast TAG Data Talk discusses news, trends and ideas in the world of Data Science and Analytics. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast

14. Not So Standard Deviations

About Podcast Not So Standard Deviations is a Data Science Podcast where Roger Peng and Hilary Parker talk about the latest in data science and data analysis in academia and industry. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Sep 2015 Podcast
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