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1. Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

About Blog Frequency 1 post / dayAlso in Blog
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2. Postpartum Progress

About Blog Blogs for moms with postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis, depression during pregnancy and more. Help and hope from thousands of moms who've been there.Also in Blog
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3. Reddit » Depression

About Blog Support for anyone struggling with depression. This subreddit is for peer support for anyone struggling with a depressive disorder. Frequency 30 posts / day Since Jan 2009 Also in Blog
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4. Time To Change | Depression

About Blog The following blog posts are written by people with personal experience of depression. By talking openly, our bloggers hope to increase understanding around mental health, break stereotypes and take the taboo out of something that - like physical health - affects us all. Frequency 4 posts / quarterAlso in Blog
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5. The Guardian | Depression

About Blog Latest news and features on depression from, the world's leading liberal voice. Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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6. Huffingtonpost UK | Depression

About Blog Huffington Post Lifestyle talks depression, offering the latest news, blogs, features and trending stories. Blog
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7. Global News | Depression

About Blog Depression videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Depression Frequency 4 posts / month Blog
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8. Headspace | Depression

About Blog Headspace is a place where you will find blogs related to depression. Blog
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9. Talkspace - Depression

About Blog Therapy for how to tackle depression in today's life. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog
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10. Feld Thoughts - Depression

About Blog Blogs on Depression by Brad Feld. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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11. Chipur Healing for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolarity, Stress

About Blog Bill White writes at Chipur, a blog with a focus on healing for depression, anxiety, bipolarity, stress, and more. He's a mental health professional and recovering addict as well, and his mission is to help people take positive steps to manage their mood and anxiety disorders. Frequency 1 post / weekAlso in Blog
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12. Through the Darkness

About Blog A Journey of Defying the Darkness Follow My Blog Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. Frequency 7 posts / year Blog
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13. Wing of Madness Depression Guide

About Blog Providing unbiased depression information on symptoms/diagnosis, treatment and coping since 1995. Frequency 13 posts / quarter Blog
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14. A Splintered Mind

About Blog Overcoming AD/HD & Depression With Lots Of Humor And Attitude. Douglas Cootey is also the author of a book, 'Saying 'No' to Suicide,' from which he occasionally posts excerpts, including some about cognitive techniques you can use to resist depression and suicidal urges. Frequency 6 posts / quarter Blog
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15. Depression Warrior

About Blog Keep up with articles from Depression Warrior. Frequency 1 post / month Since Apr 2017 Blog
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16. Lawyers With Depression

About Blog A nationally award-winning depression website/blog with Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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17. Lighting Up the Sky

About Blog Suicide awareness and prevention resources. Personal experiences with suicide, eating disorders, mental illness, and more. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
Twitter followers 777 ⋅ Social Engagement 17 ⋅ Domain Authority 15 ⋅ Alexa Rank 9.2M

18. Blue Light Blue - A Blog About Coping With Depression and Anxiety

About Blog Amy Marlow lost her father to suicide and now deals with her own depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Her posts are incredibly personal and thought-provoking, reflecting not only the pain and trauma she has endured, but also her commitment to not hiding her struggles with mental health. Since Feb 2015 Also in Blog
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19. Dr. Deb

About Blog Psychological Perspectives, A psychologist and practicing psychoanalyst, Dr. Deborah Serani specializes in treating trauma and depression. Frequency 1 post / monthAlso in Blog
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20. Anew Era TMS

About Blog AnewEra TMS offers an FDA cleared treatment for medication resistant Depression. There have been over 1 million TMS treatments in the U.S. and have helped many find relief from their depression symptoms. Anew Era TMS offers Magstim TMS Therapy for Depression and Anxiety in California. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is FDA cleared and non-invasive. Frequency 2 posts / year Blog
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21. TMS Helps Depression

About Blog Mental illness is treatable. Find the latest advancements in mental health medicine, including TMS therapy for depression. TMS therapy (transcranial magnetic stimulation) offers hope for long-term remission to those suffering from depression. Frequency 5 posts / year Blog
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22. Bank of Erin

About Blog A repository, a meeting place, a collection of ideas, to be deposited and withdrawn. Curated by writer Erin Bank. An important element of this website is her blog, The Latent Lollygagger, where Bank reveals her personal struggles and successes in the face of depression and anxiety. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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23. Depression Awareness Bracelets

About Blog The intention of this web site is to bring people be open and sharing experiences with depression. Blog
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24. A Place of HOPE for Depression

About Blog A Place of HOPE for Depression is a place for Depression Treatment / Support Therapy Treatment Centers. Frequency 4 posts / year Blog
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25. Scared of Living Living with depression

About Blog Get the latest posts on depression from Scared of Living blog. Frequency 1 post / week Blog