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1. News Medical Life Sciences | Dialysis

About Blog Find latest dialysis News and Research. Frequency 4 posts / week Since Apr 2004 Blog
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2. Reddit | Kidney failure

About Blog Get information about End Stage Renal Disease and dialysis. Reddit is a community of millions of users engaging in the creation of content and the sharing of conversation across tens of thousands of topics. Frequency 3 posts / day Blog
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3. Kidney Dialysis News

About Blog News on kidney dialysis and renal failure in general. Relevant info on research, problems caused by medications, improvements in treatments. Frequency 4 posts / year Since Nov 2009 Also in Blog
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4. 00Kidney | Is it really possible to get off kidney dialysis?

About Blog Follow me trough my journey to get off kidney dialysis Frequency 2 posts / week Since Feb 2013 Blog
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5. Pat's Adventures in Dialysis

About Blog I retired in July 2012 and by November 2012 I had end stage kidney disease. I was Ill for at least 18 months before I had to be rushed to the hospital. I'm telling my tale in the hopes that what happened to me can be prevented by others. Since Mar 2013 Blog
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6. Big D and Me | Living well on dialysis

About Blog I'm a 64-year old guy with zero kidneys. I have my own business for 23 years as a technical writer, knowledge and business process management consultant. I've had two transplants, and I recently returned to the BigD when my last transplant failed in November 2008. Since Apr 2009 Blog
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7. AJKD Blog | Peritonial Dialysis

About Blog AJKD, the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation, is recognized worldwide as a leading source of information devoted to clinical nephrology practice and clinical research. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Dec 2011 Blog
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8. Hemowear

About Blog The latest news from Hemowear, LLC. Hemowear offers comfortable, stylish dialysis clothing with easy access to medical port sites. Frequency 1 post / month Since Nov 2013 Blog
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9. Dialysis Perspectives

About Blog Specifically designed to serve the professional dialysis community. Since Feb 2014 Blog
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10. Dialysis Advocates

About Blog We are an advocacy for patients who are traversing the dialysis treatment process. We advocate better healthcare and patient rights. Since Sep 2012 Blog
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11. In a Dialysis Daize Blog

About Blog A Film documenting Johanna Mc Ginley,s Journey from dialysis to kidney transplant. Since Jul 2017 Blog
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12. Dialing In On DI-AL-Y-SIS

About Blog Dio DI-AL-Y-SIS Co. is committed to marketing and distributing new book authored by retired journalist Bernie Gilmer, an end stage renal disease patient. Since Oct 2017 Blog
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13. Reliant Renal Care

About Blog Reliant Renal Care Is A Pioneer In Kidney Dialysis. We Go The Extra Mile To Blend The Comforts Of Home With Professional Dialysis Care. Since Aug 2014 Blog
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14. Mike Tolcher | My Kidney Failure Journey

About Blog This is where you will find all kidney failure and dialysis blog posts written by mike tolcher, there are many different affects kidney failure and dialysis have that mike tolcher explains. Since Dec 2016 Blog
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15. The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

About Blog A Dialysis Blog. Since Mar 2013 Blog
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16. Alysia's Story | Finding a Living Donor

About Blog Alysia is a kidney recipient, who tells the story of first kidney transplant and need for second kidney transplant. Since Jul 2011 Also in Blog
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17. Dialysis 4 Career

About Blog Dialysis 4 Career, School of Hemodialysis is a licensed and registered proprietary school in New York State which offers both campus-based and online programs in the field of Dialysis. Frequency 4 posts / year Since May 2016 Blog
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18. Dialysis Technicians WorldWide

About Blog This website is dedicated to empowering individuals on becoming the best professional dialysis technician ever. This page also documents my own personal journey as a dialysis technician. Frequency 3 posts / year Since Sep 2015 Blog
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19. Dobson on Dialysis

About Blog Mark & Jo-Anne Dobson Blogging their Kidney Journey. Blog
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20. Crown Dialysis Center

About Blog Boca Raton Florida Business Class Dialysis. Since Aug 2017 Blog
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21. The Girl With Kidney Failure

About Blog Just a young girl, learning to deal with her kidney failure! Since Nov 2016 Blog
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