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1. On The Ledge

About Blog On The Ledge is a podcast all about indoor Frequency 1 post / week Since Feb 2017 Also in Blog
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2. The Houseplant Guru

About Blog I am Lisa Eldred Steinkopf and am crazy about houseplants. My house is full and I keep adding more. This site is about houseplants and the plants I see when I travel, especially at conservatories. Frequency 1 post / week Since Apr 2011 Blog
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3. Guide to House Plants - Tips for Growing Plants Indoors

About Blog House plants encyclopedia listed by common names with pictures and care tips. Plus ideas for easy-to-grow indoor house plants. Frequency 2 posts / week Blog
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4. Epic Gardening | Houseplants

About Blog Learn how to grow anything, no matter where you live. The mission of Epic Gardening is to spread urban agriculture and innovative growing solutions through neighborhoods, cities and towns nationwide. Frequency 2 posts / year Since Feb 2017 Blog
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5. Plants are the Strangest People

About Blog PATSP is a long-winded, intermittently humorous blog which is mostly about houseplants, particularly Anthuriums. Since Oct 2007 Also in Blog
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6. Best Indoor Plant Care Tips - The House Plant & Urban Jungle Blog

About Blog Everyone can be a houseplant hero! Effortlessly make your houseplants thrive with our care tips for most common house plants. Get your daily dose of plant inspiration with our beautiful & creative ideas for your home and urban jungle. Frequency 1 post / year Blog
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7. Ohio Tropics Houseplant

About Blog This blog focuses on adventures in growing orchids and other tropical houseplants, as well as outdoor gardening in the Midwest with a tropical flair. Frequency 5 posts / quarter Since Mar 2017 Blog
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8. Deprolabs Technology Blog

About Blog Deprolabs Technology designs, develops and produces new smart internet of things (IoT) devices as consumer products. Home automation systems and health kits are future products. Frequency 3 posts / year Blog
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9. PlantSwap

About Blog Sharing plants and all things green as well as the tips and skills to keep them alive. Regular meet ups to swap house plants, garden plants and ideas. Frequency 8 posts / year Blog
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10. About Succulents

About Blog On AboutSucculents, our mission is to help you learn everything about your favourite succulent, how to care for it and make it thrive. Frequency 11 posts / year Blog
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11. NatureBring | House plants

About Blog A Blog About House Plants. Since Jan 2015 Blog
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12. Indoor Gardening

About Blog New to indoor gardening? Just need a few tips and tricks? Either way, we're here to provide you with all the steps to make your indoor garden flourish! Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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13. House Plant Hobbyist

About Blog House Plant Hobbyist is a blog about sharing knowledge and passion for indoor gardening - complete with care guides, educational posts, plant and garden quotes, and lifestyle ideas. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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14. PlantMaid

About Blog Latest articles on best ways to keep your indoor plants watered and other gardening tips. Use the PlantMaid to automatically water your indoor plants. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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15. Urban Jungle Bloggers

About Blog Urban Jungle Bloggers is all about living with plants in your home, in other interiors, in public spaces. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog
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16. Healthy Houseplants Blog

About Blog Indoor Gardening - your number one website for up-to-date information on creating an amazing indoor garden. - Healthy Houseplants Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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17. Greengrow

About Blog Photo stories of plants. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Mar 2017 Blog
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18. Living Room Jungle | Indoor Gardening Blog

About Blog Your trusted source of indoor gardening know-how. From beginner to master, we will help you explore indoor gardening and learn how to create a beautiful indoor sanctuary. Frequency 4 posts / month Since Aug 2020 Blog
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19. Houseplant Homebody

About Blog Welcome, all plant lovers, plant experts, plant enthusiasts, and beginners! I am so pumped to share my adventures with all things plants! I am not an expert by any means but join me in my ongoing journey of slowly becoming an expert! Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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20. U P P | A plant blog

About Blog We're two San Francisco ladies who love plants. A lot. And we want to share that love with you. Whether you're a plant pro looking for the latest trends or a complete beginner just trying to keep your first plant alive, UPP is here. UPP is a community, a resource, and a home base for plant lovers, plant learners, and everything in between. Blog
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21. Marjorie Harris' Blog

About Blog Marjorie Harris is one of Canada's best known garden writers; she is the national gardening columnist for the Globe and Mail. She is also a garden consultant. Since Jul 2016 Blog
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22. The Plant Utopia

About Blog Exotic, exciting, and beautiful house plants. Plant enthusiast and aspiring potter. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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23. Ruby Flora

About Blog A bohemian, plant-loving shop and blog dedicated to the houseplant community. This blog is to cater towards the houseplant-loving community that is found online and on social media. The goal is to help spread knowledge, bring more beauty into your everyday life, and experience the magic of nature through plants and a community. Frequency 1 post / year Since Aug 2018 Blog
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24. The Indoor Garden

About Blog While working for over twenty years, in the world of retail and commercial horticulture,I learned hands-ons how to care for houseplants. Now I can share each plant's own unique instructions. As I go along in life, I take a picture of a plant I see, and let you in on all the specific secrets I've learned about that indoor plant. ~~ from the Producer and Host of 'The Indoor Garden', a 90's TV series Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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25. Garden Withindoors

About Blog There is nothing half so much worth doing as messing about with bulbs. Indoors or outdoors it doesn't matter. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Dec 2011 Blog
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