karate podcasts

1. Sensei Rick Zimmerman's Podcast

About Podcast This podcast is brought to you by Rick Zimmerman who has been teaching Karate to kids and adults since 1997. He has developed a distinctive approach for fast, efficient learning. Tune in to listen to the podcast! Frequency 5 episodes / year Since Oct 2016 Podcast
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2. Karate Without Belts

About Podcast We're a podcast about Karate. We don't wear belts while talking about Karate, and think that it's what's in the hands, head, and heart that matters, not what's around your waist. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Dec 2018 Podcast
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3. Karate Chronicles

About Podcast This podcast is brought to you by Anthony Thomas where he openly discusses Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Martial Arts Training, and Martial Arts Philosophy. Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Since Jul 2017 Podcast
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4. PK Talk | Pandas Karate Podcast

About Podcast PK (Pandas Karate) Talk is a podcast about anti-bullying. The co-founder of Pandas Karate understood the benefits of karate from his personal experience in growing up and having to deal with bullying and weight gain issues. He believed that through martial arts he could help someone face their fears without the use of a kick or a punch. We cover topics such as bullying in schools, personal stories, & parent tips on how to help a child in need. Frequency 3 episodes / year Since Aug 2018 Podcast
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5. Attack Life, Not Others

About Podcast This show is intended to help you become a better, stronger version of yourslf. Brought to you by Hoover Karate Academy, martial arts principles have been used as the foundation for discussion, but in a way so the concepts are appreciated by everyone. Even if you don't train in the martial arts, this show will enhance your life. The essence of this podcast is realizing we all have an enemy within ourselves that must be defeated. Together we can Attack LIFE, Not Others! Frequency 4 episodes / month Podcast
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6. Beyond the Dojo Podcast

About Podcast Join Jeremiah and Lauren as they discuss the many aspects of training in Shotokan Karate, owning dojos, and connecting with others in the martial arts world. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Jan 2020 Podcast
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7. Conversations on Karate

About Podcast Conversations on Karate is a new take on the martial arts podcast scene. In a conversational podcast Greg Lynham, 4th Dan and Sue Roberts, 2nd Kyu talk training, technique, styles MMA and movies with great guests. Frequency 1 episode / month Podcast
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8. The Invisible Sensei

About Podcast A lifelong Martial Arts student, gives his thoughts and views on Karate and all things Martial Arts. From training, to media, to movies to the how to's and the why nots? Tune in to listen to the podcast! Frequency 3 episodes / month Since Jul 2019 Podcast
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9. Iain Abernethy - The Practical Application Of Karate

About Podcast Iain Abernethy has been involved in the martial arts since childhood. One of the leading exponents of applied karate, Iain has written a number of critically acclaimed books on the practical application of traditional martial arts and is well known for his work on the pragmatic use of the techniques and concepts recorded in the traditional kata. Iain's popular monthly podcasts cover all aspects of practical martial arts and realistic self-protection. Frequency 4 episodes / year Podcast
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10. Okinawa Karate Podcast

About Podcast The Okinawa Karate Podcast is the only Karate podcast from the Birthplace of Karate, Okinawa Japan. Many listeners know that Okinawa is a very small island with a very large heart. This is ever true in the circle of Okinawa Karate. My goal with this podcast is to share some of this beauty with you.  Frequency 11 episodes / year Since May 2018 Podcast
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11. House Podcastica : Cobra Kai Edition

About Podcast Cobra Kai is fun, funny, and light-hearted, with a lot of kick-ass. While reverent to the classic Karate Kid series it follows, it also cleverly remixes and recontextualizes themes and situations from those movies. Tune it to the podcast to listen to the Cobra Kai Edition. Frequency 24 episodes / year Since Apr 2015 Podcast
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12. Karate Kid Minute

About Podcast This is a podcast covering every crane-kicking leg-sweeping car-waxing fly-catching minute of the Karate Kid franchise. Frequency 1 episode / day Since Jul 2020 Podcast
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13. KarateBuilt Martial Arts Academy Podcasts

About Podcast KarateBuilt Martial Arts Academy is the right place for you and your family to do martial arts. This martial arts schools offer classes for pre-school kids and elementary age children in addition to our famous ATA programs for teens and adults. The programs include beginner martial arts, advanced Black Belt classes, leadership training and instructor certification. KarateBuilt. Tune in to listen to the podcast! Frequency 3 episodes / quarter Podcast
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14. CHOP TALK | Karate, Martial Arts

About Podcast At Chop Talk we discuss karate, Japanese & Okinawan culture, travel, and good ol' fashioned blood & guts stories. Basically anything martial arts related. Frequency 9 episodes / year Podcast
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15. The Invicta Karate Podcast

About Podcast This podcast gives a regular delve into the mental side of karate and martial arts in general. Tune in and subscribe to listen to interviews with qualified guests and friends of the Academy. Frequency 6 episodes / year Podcast
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16. Are You Karate Kidding Me?

About Podcast This podcast is brought to you by two nerds who can't stop talking about Cobra Kai and the Karate Kid. Tune it to listen to recaps, analysis, and geekery from the heart of the Miyagiverse. Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Since Aug 2018 Podcast
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17. The Striking Thoughts Podcast | Karate, Martial Art Philosophy & Self-Defence

About Podcast This podcast is brought to you by Leigh Simms Progressive Karate. We provide you with the ability to train in high quality karate applications which are within the law and effective in real life that will: Give your Karate training a new and meaningful purpose, Improve your physical self-protection skills & Make your Karate fulfilling and enjoyable for life. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Jan 2018 Podcast
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18. Karate Cafe

About Podcast Tune in to listen to conversations about martial arts news, training and culture. We cover traditional karate, kobudo, MMA and do interviews with notable martial artists and equipment/product/video reviews. Frequency 4 episodes / year Since Jun 2005 Podcast
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19. All about Karate

About Podcast BMS Karate School brings you a podcast about Karate, Japan, past experiences, Sensei tips and everything needed to keep you up to date in our Karate world. Ossu! Frequency 1 episode / quarter Since Jan 2020 Podcast
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