parenting teenagers podcasts

1. Power Your Parenting | Moms With Teens

About Podcast Colleen, known as the parent-teen relationship expert helps you raise the bar of what's possible for the teenage years. Colleen not only knows this professionally she has been a mom in the trenches with her own teenage daughter. You really can improve your relationship with your teen and dial up the joy, peace, and delight at home and work, Every episode is geared to uplift you, give you practical parenting tips that you can apply right away and keep you current on the latest in teen research and trends. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Feb 2014 Also in Podcast
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2. Teenage Kicks Podcast

About Podcast The internet is full of parenting advice, but no one is talking about teen parenting problems. This podcast is essential listening for teenagers & their parents, as well as those who work with young adults; focusing on teen mental health at its core & empowering young people to tackle their own problems & give parents the guidance to know how to help them. Join Helen each week as she chats to a different guest about topics affecting teens & helps parents and teens to open up a dialogue that will make life easier to navigate on all sides. Frequency 4 episodes / month Since Mar 2020 Podcast
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3. Postcards From Midlife

About Podcast Hosts Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin have been editing glossy magazines for more than two decades, helping support women through all aspects of their busy lives. Between them, the duo has six children, two dogs, one cat, and two husbands. And this time, they're the ones asking for help. Join them as they consult the experts on parenting teenagers during the great midlife unraveling in this weekly podcast. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Dec 2019 Podcast
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4. Parenting Today's Teens | Radio Show & Podcast

About Podcast The Parenting Today's Teens radio program and podcast offers biblical insights and practical wisdom to help you gain a deeper relationship with your teen. It offers help and hope to parents and teens through radio podcasts, events, and through Heartlight Ministries Foundation, a fully staffed boarding school. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Jan 2010 Podcast
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5. Talking to Teens Podcast

About Podcast The #1 Podcast for Parents of Teens. Learn why thousands of parents tune in every week to hear parent-teen researcher Andy Earle interview the world's top authors and experts on Talking to Teens. Listen to the episodes now! Frequency 1 episode / week Since Oct 2017 Podcast
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6. Youth Culture Matters | A CPYU Podcast

About Podcast A podcast from CPYU (Center for Parent/Youth Understanding) discussing issues related to the world of youth culture, children, teens and young adults. The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers.Tune in to listen to the podcast. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Mar 2016 Also in Podcast
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7. The Parent & Teen Toolbox

About Podcast This podcast is for those of us who are parenting teenagers. Cai Graham's straight-talking insights and tools & techniques are designed to equip parents (and teenagers) with the tools for navigating adolescence. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Mar 2020 Podcast
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8. Mentor Select | Parenting Teens To Be Successful Adults

About Podcast Mentor Select serves as an invaluable resource for parents who are raising teenagers. Each week host Derrich Phillips interviews leading experts who share practical tips, strategies, and resources that parents can use to empower their teens to be successful adults. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Nov 2018 Podcast
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9. Mighty Parenting | Raising Teens | Parenting Young Adults

About Podcast Parenting teens and young adults today is a huge challenge. Sandy Fowler brings help as she interviews experts, shares stories and gets real digging into relevant topics such as stress, anxiety, bullying, social media, peer pressure, healthy coping strategies, learning disabilities, communication, parenting strategies, and so much more. The Mighty Parenting podcast goes upstream and focuses on sharing information that families, educators and mentors can use to empower kids in an effective way. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Dec 2018 Podcast
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10. Raise A Little Hell Podcast

About Podcast Jax Anderson and Renae Swanson are two mental health professionals helping parents decode the tween and teen years. Jax and Renae have worked with tweens and teens for a combination of 35+ years and their experience and creative parenting solutions have proven valuable for parents around the world. Join Jax and Renae as they begin the journey of talking about the topic of raising tweens and teens in the world today.   Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Since Jan 2020 Podcast
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11. Your Teen with Sue and Steph

About Podcast Susan Borison and Stephanie Silverman, best friends and co-founders of Your Teen Media, bring their magazine to life with this podcast. From interviews with experts and authors to discussions of trending topics and personal stories, Your Teen with Sue and Steph is an essential guide for raising teens today. Frequency 5 episodes / year Since Oct 2013 Podcast
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12. Mom and Dad Are Fighting | Slate's Parenting Podcast

About Podcast Jamilah Lemieux, Dan Kois, and Elizabeth Newcamp share triumphs and fails and offer advice on parenting kids from toddler to teens. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Dec 2013 Also in Podcast
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13. Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker

About Podcast Parents are trying to navigate children through a world they themselves don't often understand. America's Mom, Dr. Meg Meeker, the country's trusted authority on parenting, teens, & children's health, offers practical insights to help parents simplify. The pediatrician, mother, & best selling author engages with experts & parents to take on relevant issues, answer real questions, & provide simple hope & encouragement to every parent. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Apr 2016 Also in Podcast
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14. Parental As Anything, with Maggie Dent

About Podcast One of Australia's favourite parenting authors and educators Maggie Dent gives you tips and answers to your real-world parenting dilemmas - screen time, tantrums, building resilience, homework and more. Parental As Anything is a common sense, relatable, practical guide on raising kids of all ages today. Frequency 3 episodes / month Since May 2019 Podcast
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15. The Culture Translator

About Podcast Axis aims to build lifelong faith by giving parents and faith leaders the power to disciple teenagers one conversation at a time. They look into teen culture every week to help parents and faith leaders have meaningful conversations with Gen Z. Tune in to The Culture Translator podcast by Axis. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Mar 2020 Podcast
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16. The Hey Joe Show | Straight Talk for Teens and Families in Today's Culture

About Podcast The Hey Joe Show, a weekly podcast produced by Joe and Erin Wells is designed to confront, head-on, the issues facing teens today with the power of a biblical worldview using God's Word as our standard. Parents will be encouraged, educated, and equipped to help their teen traverse the deadly jungle called 'culture.' Teens will be empowered to boldly stand, even in the midst of the masses bowing down to whatever god is luring peers away. There is no dodging of the issues. This is straight talk with teens and families in today's culture. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Aug 2016 Podcast
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17. Healthy Family Connections

About Podcast This podcast addresses the many dilemmas facing parents, couples and kids, offering out of the box solutions that empower listeners to confidently meet their parenting challenges. Parents contend with a culture in transition and competing ideas for parenting. Neil Brown, author of parenting hit 'Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle,' is a master family therapist with a talent for providing clarity amidst the confusion, addressing common concerns as well as serious problems. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Nov 2016 Podcast
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18. Shine From Within | The Youth Mentor Podcast

About Podcast Amanda Rootsey, founder of teen personal development school, 'Shine From Within,' interviews experts about what's going on for youth today. From psychological insights to practical advice on how to hold a safe space for teens, it's your short burst of inspiration and motivation amidst the crazy world of teens and tweens! It's perfect for parents, families, educators, coaches and mentors. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Apr 2017 Podcast
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19. Fierce and Lovely

About Podcast Beth Bruno and her teen daughters chat about becoming young women in today's culture. Aimed at Christian moms and their girls, they cover heavy topics and light hearted Gen Z trends. Both educational and encouraging, being fierce and lovely requires a community of sisters willing to live life out loud. Frequency 1 episode / day Since Sep 2018 Podcast
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20. In the Middle of It with Amy Kelly, The Ish Girl

About Podcast Are you a middle school teacher or parent who longs to connect with your teens on a deeper level? Yearns to be there for them in their life-is-too-big moments? Wants to share life lessons with them - without sounding like an afterschool special? Then you're in the right place! Join The Ish Girl aka Amy Kelly as she shares fresh ideas, strategies, and resources for connecting with teens. From body image to bullying, academic pressure to addiction, Amy will give you the tools to broach a variety of hot topics, and lay a foundation of trust and communication with your teens. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Feb 2018 Podcast
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21. Feeding The Mouth That Bites You

About Podcast A weekly podcast on parenting teens and launching them into the world with Dr. Ken Wilgus, author of the book 'Feeding The Mouth That Bites You' and hosted by Ashley Parrish and Jessica Pfeiffer. A complete guide to parenting adolescents & launching them into the world. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Dec 2019 Podcast
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22. A Teen's Perspective

About Podcast A show for parents of teenagers. Each week, I interview teens so they can share their experiences growing up in today's world. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Mar 2020 Podcast
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23. Just Breathe | Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen

About Podcast Do you have a child, teen, or young adult who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer? Do you feel alone in your effort to support them on their journey or navigate your own? Heather Hester from Chrysalis Mama is here to transform the conversation around loving and raising an LGBTQ+ teenager. She desires to discuss taboo topics and erase stigmas surrounding the coming out process and parenting an LGBTQ+ teen. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Oct 2019 Podcast
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24. Thrive Parenting

About Podcast It's hard to be the parent of a teen. They help you reclaim your time, energy, confidence and health so you can feel your best & each week bringing you tools and techniques to feel happier while raising strong, confident teens with fewer rules and more laughter. Erik and Michelle Lehnardt have taken a deep dive into positive psychology, life coaching and brain science to bring you better, easier ways to raise great teens. They have 28 years of parenting experience and can save you from so many missteps and mistakes Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Since Apr 2019 Podcast
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25. Confessions of a Modern Parent

About Podcast Popular television personality and Loose Women Panellist Nadia Sawalha sits down with her husband, Mark Adderley, to discuss the modern issues that face our teenage kids... and the style in which we parent. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Nov 2019 Podcast
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