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1. RunToTheFinish | Amanda Brooks Running Blog

About Blog Amanda Brooks Running Blog is a Researched Running Blog Designed to Help You. It is a place to find motivation for whatever Frequency 1 post / weekAlso in Blog
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2. RunningPhysio Tom | Running Physio Blog

About Blog RunningPhysio is a site to help you manage your running injuries. Tom is a physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience and a very keen runner! He graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in 2002 and since then has worked in clinics in the UK and overseas. Its aim is to offer expert advice in preventing and managing running injuries. Frequency 2 posts / month Since Mar 2012 Also in Blog
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3. Beth Risdon Running Blog | Shut Up and Run | Christian Running Blog

About Blog I love to run. I discovered it 8 years ago. Like I do most things, I went from zero to 26.2 miles. No half marathons for me, no running cross country in high school. I just set my mind to it, trained and crossed the finish line. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Jan 2009 Also in Blog
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4. The Hungry Runner Girl

About Blog Welcome to The Hungry Runner Girl! My name is Janae and I love to run. I started running when I was 12 years old with my older sister. Follow along as I share my running experiences, family adventures, love for food, my family, the highs and lows of life, and tell you each and every random thought that I have. Frequency 1 post / dayAlso in Blog
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5. Dr. Nick's Running Blog | Running Injury Blog

About Blog Running injuries, foot pain, shoes, heel pain, this blog is a source for all running related questions. He is a Frequency 27 posts / year Blog
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6. Believe In The Run | Thomas and Meaghan

About Blog Believe in the Run provides running reviews including running shoe reviews, running gear reviews, running race reviews, and general running information. They strive to provide honest reviews that runners can trust when making their gear choices. Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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7. Ali On The Run

About Blog Ali does a great job of sharing her running life and how it intertwines with the rest of her life. New runners might enjoy Alis post on how she started running and the impact it has made on her life. Frequency 1 post / day Since Oct 2010 Also in Blog
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8. Tina Muir Running Blog

About Blog Running for Real is a community of runners at every level who keep it real. We know that behind every glorious personal best we post about, there were plenty of personal not-so-bests. Just-missed PRs, easy runs that felt hard, sidelining injuries, comparing ourselves to others and then beating ourselves up about it, panic about sleep and sickness, and more. Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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9. Taking the Long Way Home | Wendy's Running Blog | Elite Running Blog

About Blog Taking the Long Way Home is a blog about running and training and pushing beyond your limits. Wendy has been a runner most of her adult life. She had started running over 20 years ago for Frequency 1 post / week Since Jan 2014 Blog
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10. Mbio Apparel | Running For A Cause

About Blog Mbio Apparel makes quality performance-wear and accessories for athletes of all levels. We use premium fabrics to aid both during and after your events. Frequency 3 posts / year Blog
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11. My Runner's Life

About Blog I am a runner. I am a morning runner. I am not a fast runner. Dare I say, slow runner? This blog describes my road as a runner and how I try to improve myself. Frequency 7 posts / quarter Blog
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12. I Am Running This | Kelly Caiazzo

About Blog Kelly is half-marathoner who started out with couch-to-5k and who knows that you can love running at any pace or distance. She is here to help you stay inspired on your running journey, and figure out what running can do for you. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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13. Trail Runner's Blog | Scott Dunlap | Adventure Running Blog

About Blog Scott Dunlap's blog of trail running, ultrarunning, triathlon, and other life adventures. He enjoys the physical, emotional, and Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Dec 2004 Blog
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14. Crazy Running Girl | Lora | Cool Running Blog

About Blog Crazy Running Girl is a blog following the adventures of Lora as she balances marathon training with life in Austin, TX. It is all about the life of a girl who used to hate running and now does it for fun (with 20 marathons down). Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Nov 2011 Blog
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15. Davy Crockett's Running blog

About Blog Running blog by Davy Crockett, who likes to run insanely long & crazy distances. Since Aug 2002 Also in Blog
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16. Salty Running | Laura Pizmoht Running Blog

About Blog Salty Running is a resource for women runners seeking to improve their training and racing. They are here for women who take athletics seriously and want to learn how to run better, no matter what the pace. If you want to be a better, smarter, stronger, or faster runner then Salty Running is for you. Frequency 30 posts / year Since Feb 2012 Blog
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17. Nate Jenkins Running Blog

About Blog This will be my weekly training and other ramblings during what I hope is my build up to my long hoped for return to the marathon. Since May 2007 Blog
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18. Meals and Miles | Meghann Anderson

About Blog Meals and Miles is about one Girl's Journey Through Food and Running. It is a daily health and fitness blog by Meghann Anderson. Blog
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19. Running Mums Australia

About Blog Nicole Bunyon is the Founder of Running Mums Australia. It is an Australian wide running network for mums who love to run. Our aim is to encourage, equip and empower you, as a mum and a runner in your running journey. It has been created to champion the everyday woman. Frequency 1 post / week Since Feb 2014 Also in Blog
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20. The pursuit of happiness and finish lines

About Blog My name is Laura, from 2013 to 2017 I was an on again off again runner. In June of 2017 I began running again after stopping for a couple months, and then in November I signed up for my first marathon! Ever since I have been passionate about all things running, fitness and health. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Apr 2019 Blog
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21. Eat Run Passion

About Blog Life can be tricky but somehow putting on a pair of trainers and running trails and eating delicious healthy food makes everything OK. I'm Ciara Hardisty, creator of the Eat Run Passion, follow my blog for passionate posts on running. Frequency 5 posts / quarter Since Mar 2020 Blog
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22. Lazy Girl Running

About Blog Laura Fountain is a Marathon and ultra runner, triathlete, personal trainer and run coach. Loves teaching people to run. Her blog contains updates from her running classes and coaching, a weekly podcast which features inspirational athletes and runners and advice on how to keep going. Frequency 2 posts / quarter Since Jul 2008 Also in Blog
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23. A to Z Running

About Blog We are a family of competitive distance runners doing what we love and sharing what we learn. Andi and Zach (A to Z) share tips, research, news, and more! Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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24. In-between

About Blog A blog about adventure, life, travel, and finding your place in the world. We like to be outside, we like to travel, we like to run, and we like to make sure our dog gets to do it all with us. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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25. RunLadyLike | Jesica D'Avanza

About Blog Jesica is a runner, triathlete and marathon coach on a mission to find my extraordinary and help you do the same. Since Jul 2012 Blog
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