political science podcasts

1. The Science of Politics

About Podcast The Niskanen Center's The Science of Politics podcast features up-and-coming researchers delivering fresh insights on the big trends driving American politics today. Get beyond punditry to a data-driven understanding of today's Washington with host and political scientist Matt Grossmann. Each 30-45-minute episode covers two new cutting-edge studies and interviews with two researchers Frequency 1 episode / day Since Oct 2017 Podcast
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2. The Politics Lab

About Podcast Politics isn't always black and white. Dr. Bill Muck and Dr. Phil Barker, professors of political science and longtime friends, talk through the week's news and discuss how political science might help make sense of things. In The Politics Lab, we put politics under the microscope Frequency 1 episode / day Since Jun 2020 Podcast
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3. The Axe Files with David Axelrod

About Podcast David Axelrod, the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, and CNN bring you The Axe Files, a series of revealing interviews with key figures in the political world. Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Sep 2015 Podcast
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4. UCL Political Science: Public Events

About Podcast Catch up with any event you have missed. The public event podcast series from UCL Political Science brings together the impressive range of policy makers, leading thinkers, practitioners, and academics who speak at our events. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Feb 2020 Podcast
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5. Pretty Fly for a Poli-Sci

About Podcast All things politics, culture, and political science. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Sep 2020 Podcast
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6. Not Another Politics Podcast

About Podcast With all the noise created by a 24/7 news cycle, it can be hard to really grasp what's going on in politics today. We provide a fresh perspective on the biggest political stories not through opinion and anecdotes, but rigorous scholarship, massive data sets and a deep knowledge of theory. Understand the political science beyond the headlines with Harris School of Public Policy Professors William Howell, Anthony Fowler and Wioletta Dziuda. Our show is part of the University of Chicago Podcast Network. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Jun 2020 Podcast
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7. New Books in Political Science

About Podcast Interviews with Political Scientists about their New Books. The New Books Network is a consortium of author-interview podcast channels dedicated to raising the level of public discourse via new media Frequency 1 episode / day Since Jun 2020 Podcast
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8. UCL Uncovering Politics

About Podcast The podcast of the School of Public Policy and the Department of Political Science at University College London. Through this podcast we plan to explore key themes of contemporary politics and let you into some of our research findings that we think the wider world needs to know about. Frequency 3 episodes / month Since Oct 2020 Podcast
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9. Engagement Edge | The Science & Practice of Political Involvement

About Podcast Keeping your advocates and PAC contributors engaged and motivated isn't easy. Join national PAC and grassroots influence expert, author, and consultant, Amy Showalter, as she shares evidence-based best practices for improving your grassroots and PAC productivity and results. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Aug 2019 Podcast
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10. Transformation of European Politics Podcast

About Podcast In this podcast series, I talk to other political scientists about one of their publications that can help us better understand the Transformation of European Politics in the past 20 years. We link these academic works to broader debates within political science but also try to show how they relate to current political developments. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Aug 2020 Podcast
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11. Ask a Political Scientist

About Podcast We're in an all-hands-on-deck situation for American politics. Join us for a non-partisan, science-forward discussion of what's going on, how we got here, and what to do about it. We feature new political scientists and guest comedians and experts each week! Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Sep 2020 Podcast
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12. Social Media and Politics

About Podcast Social Media and Politics is a podcast bringing you innovative, first-hand insights into how social media is changing the political game. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Oct 2016 Also in Podcast
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13. LSE IQ podcast

About Podcast LSE IQ is a monthly podcast from the London School of Economics and Political Science in which we ask some of the smartest social scientists - and other experts - to answer intelligent questions about economics, politics or society. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Apr 2017 Podcast
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14. Left, Right & Center

About Podcast Left, Right & Center is KCRW's weekly civilized yet provocative confrontation over politics, policy, and pop culture. Josh Barro, representing the Center, hosts a discussion of the week's news and issues with thought leaders on the Right and Left, and expert guests. In today's world, the lines between parties and ideologies seem distinct, but are they really? Hear how the other side thinks about the issues that matter most. Frequency 1 episode / week Since May 2020 Podcast
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15. Politics on the Couch

About Podcast Politics on the Couch looks at the way our minds respond to politics and the way politicians mess with our minds. In each episode award-winning political columnist Rafael Behr is joined by a distinguished expert drawn from the world of politics, psychology or philosophy. The show will appeal to any listener interested in taking a deep dive into how psychology drives everyone's political thought and behaviour. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Apr 2020 Podcast
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16. Smarter Politics

About Podcast Political campaigns and politics have become more crazy, confusing and polarizing than ever before. What are political candidates and campaigns really thinking? Listen to an insightful and engaging discussion each week from the senior staff of Magellan Strategies. Each week veteran pollsters and campaign operatives David Flaherty, Courtney Gibbon and Ryan Winger talk about current events, politics, campaigns and how using voter data, technology and survey research leads to smarter politics. Frequency 1 episode / year Since Sep 2016 Podcast
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17. Pekingology

About Podcast China has emerged as one of the 21st century's most consequential nations, making it more important than ever to understand how the country is governed. True to the name Pekingology, or the study of the political behavior of the People's Republic of China, this podcast aims to unpack the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party and the implications these actions have within China and for U.S.-China relations. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Jun 2020 Also in Podcast
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18. Politics In Its Place

About Podcast Our podcast focuses on American politics. Our original PIIP episodes tackle an issue/theme/topic in-depth. Our PIIP Lately episodes look at the latest political news and opinion pieces. Each episode is a conversation between Ermin and Elvis. The brothers are both on the political right but have disagreements on many topics, especially on the role of the government/politics. Ermin has an Undergrad Honors degree in Psychology, and also attended Graduate school for Educational Psychology for two years before deciding to voluntarily withdraw. He enjoys talking politics and human behavior. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Jun 2020 Podcast
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19. Can He Do That?

About Podcast 'Can He Do That?' is The Washington Post's politics podcast, exploring the powers and limitations of the American presidency, and what happens when they're tested. Led by host Allison Michaels, each episode asks a new question about this extraordinary moment in American history and answers with insight into how our government works, how to understand ongoing events, and the implications when branches of government collide. Frequency 2 episodes / week Since Jan 2017 Also in Podcast
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20. Democrats On The Couch

About Podcast Democrats On the Couch brings sense and sanity to Democrats and their strategy. Host Michelle Deen, a family therapist turned political strategist, offers an outside-the-Beltway perspective--and solution--to D.C. dysfunction. Applying psychological insights to help Democrats take charge of the fate of our nation, Season 1 covers: 1) How to manage the pathological manipulations of Donald Trump and the Republican Party; and 2) How Democrats can get a handle on their own self-defeating behaviors that bring loss after loss in 'should've won' elections. Frequency 5 episodes / quarter Since Sep 2020 Podcast
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21. Hot Politics Lab

About Podcast The Hot Politics Lab is an interdisciplinary research group combining experiments, physiological measurement and automated text analysis to analyze the role of emotions, personality and language in politics. We analyze topics such as populism, persuasion and party strategies. We currently host one virtual meeting each Friday where we speak to one or more experts from political psychology to discuss all things related to our Lab topics, and make them available via this podcast. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Mar 2020 Podcast
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22. Ken Rudin's Political Junkie

About Podcast Essential political news, analysis and history with veteran political analyst Ken Rudin. Frequency 3 episodes / month Since Oct 2019 Podcast
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23. Madness: the Podcast.

About Podcast Dr. Steven Reisner shares his perspectives on current events, society and politics through the lens of his extensive career as a psychoanalyst, activist, and educator. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Oct 2019 Podcast
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24. Mind of State

About Podcast Mind of State is a podcast where politics and psychology meet. Each episode features lively commentary on current events, policymakers, and the body politic, and how we have arrived at this moment, as observed through both a political and psychological lens. We explore how 'mind' impacts 'state' and vice versa. Tune in, as co-hosts Betty Teng and Jonathan Kopp engage in nuanced conversation with experts from the worlds of politics and psychology as well as others from related fields who have studied the complex dynamics between individual/group psychology and political processes Frequency 3 episodes / month Since Jan 2019 Podcast
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25. Agora Politics

About Podcast Agora Politics is a podcast dedicated to making sense out of our outdated theories of politics. Upgrading humanity to make it through the bottleneck, one brain at a time. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Feb 2020 Podcast
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