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1. Mind The Product | Product Management blog and events

About Blog Mind the Product is a community driven site where Product Managers from around the world share lessons learned on Product Management, Design and Development Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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2. Reddit | Product Management

About Blog This is for all you Product Managers. Best practices, tools, jobs & job seekers, how-tos, growth hacks and more. Frequency 2 posts / week Blog
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3. Product Plan | Product Management Articles & Advice

About Blog Articles, tips, and advice about product management and strategy. Read our blog to stay up to date on the latest product management trends. Frequency 3 posts / month Blog
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4. Product School | Product Management Blog

About Blog Learn about Product Management. Product Management trends, news, resources, interviews for those interested in product management. Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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5. Product Coalition

About Blog A collection of writers who contribute regular and varied thoughts on product management, product design, and product development. Writings for Product Managers and Non-Product Managers alike. 1000 Crowd-sourced writings about Digital Product Management, Product Design, UX and Product Development from over 200 of the industry's best writers. Frequency 9 posts / week Blog
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6. Ken Norton

About Blog Ken Norton is renowned in the product management world as one of the most inspiring thought leaders. He's a partner at GV so he has a wealth of high grade experience in the product management world. Ken writes prolifically about the expertise needed to be a successful product manager. If you need somewhere to start go straight to his infamous 'How To Hire A Product Manager' essay and get stuck in. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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7. Roman Pichler | Digital Product Management

About Blog Roman Pichler's digital product management blog provides tips on managing digital products and information on Scrum and Agile. Blog
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8. Product Manager HQ

About Blog Product Manager HQ is a comprehensive online resource to learn about breaking into product management as well as learn more about the role of a product manager. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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9. 280 Group | Product Management Blog

About Blog The 280 Group is a strategic consulting partner to any business that needs a proven methodology to optimize Product Management and Product Marketing functions in their company. The 280 Group helps individuals, teams and entire organizations optimize and apply Product Management and Product Marketing best practices. Frequency 2 posts / day Blog
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10. Hunter Walk

About Blog Hunter Walk's blog focusses mainly on how to create a start-up, get the ball rolling and guarantee success in your chosen field. He was also previously a product manager at Google. His blogs offers conversations with other leaders in the product management world as well as his own frank take on the issues facing product management in the current market. Frequency 2 posts / weekAlso in Blog
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11. Entrepreneur

About Blog The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on product management. Blog
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12. Aha! | Product Management

About Blog Aha! Blog is a great resource of content regarding product strategy. If you need tips on how to run a great workplace or what direction you should take as a product manager then get onto Aha! Blog. We help product managers build what matters. Frequency 9 posts / year Blog
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13. SpecTechUlar | Product Managements Tips, News and Information

About Blog This blog by Product Manager Mark Silver is all about the best product management tactics and strategies, inspired by the best. The goal of the blog is not to one-directionally publish information, but to create a full engagement between many voices, so that we can all learn from each other. Blog
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14. Usersnap Blog

About Blog Keep up with the latest trends on user-driven web development and customer centric strategies for product management. Exclusive interviews with SaaS through leaders published regularly. Frequency 1 post / weekAlso in Blog
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15. Sales Layer PIM Academy | Blog

About Blog News, trends and advice about business. Marketing, e-commerce and product information management in one single place. Our Mission is to help companies to improve their product information and synchronize it in all sales channels automatically. Frequency 2 posts / week Blog
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16. SVPG | Product Management

About Blog Marty Cagan is a former engineer and product executive (eBay, Netscape). As founder of Silicon Valley Product Group, he has a strong voice as a strategist, writer, consultant, and influencer. His pieces on product management are researched, reflective looks at all sides of product management, and he is never one to shy away from debates over best practices. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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17. Enventys Partners | Product Development & Marketing Blog

About Blog Learn more about product development, crowdfunding, startup marketing, ecommerce, digital marketing and more in the Enventys Partners blog. Frequency 1 post / week Since Aug 2009 Also in Blog
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18. Brainmates | Boosting People and Product Performance

About Blog At Brainmates we innovate - create and improve products & services, cultivate high performing product teams, establish, improve & innovate product delivery. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog
Facebook fans 1.2K ⋅ Twitter followers 3.9K ⋅ Instagram Followers 188 ⋅ Social Engagement 4 ⋅ Domain Authority 43 ⋅ Alexa Rank 502.3K

19. Tyner Blain

About Blog Helping start-up and enterprise companies achieve software product success through strategic and agile product management and business analysis. These articles are written primarily for product managers. Frequency 1 post / year Blog
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20. Product Focus | Product Management Blog

About Blog Product Focus provides world class product management training courses, workshops and consultancy in London and throughout Europe. Read our product management blog for best practice, insights, tools and analysis from Europe's leading product management experts. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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21. Johanna Rothman

About Blog Are you having trouble managing your product development or software projects? Are you having trouble finishing work? follow this blog to get product management tips. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
Twitter followers 10K ⋅ Social Engagement 15 ⋅ Domain Authority 49 ⋅ Alexa Rank 672.3K

22. IMg | Product Marketing

About Blog Reflections on creating compelling product marketing, advertising & public relations strategy by Rohit Bhargava. Frequency 2 posts / year Blog
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23. Daniel Elizalde | IoT Training for Product Managers

About Blog The best IoT training and courses for product professionals. Daniel Elizalde is an IoT expert who teaches his IoT courses online, at Stanford University, and works directly with top companies around the world. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog
Twitter followers 8.2K ⋅ Social Engagement 3 ⋅ Domain Authority 39 ⋅ Alexa Rank 766.5K

24. Age of Product News

About Blog Tools and insights for product management, and lean methodologies to help you invent for your customers. we cover a broad set of topics ranging from product discovery and product management issues Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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25. PDMA | Connecting Innovators Worldwide

About Blog Welcome to the PDMA Blog! This blog features industry insights for product developers and product managers from a variety of contributors. Blog
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