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1. Marhaba l Qatar's Premier Information Guide

About Blog Founded in 1994, Marhaba is Qatar's premier information guide. Visit our website for the latest information, news, events, listings and features. Frequency 30 posts / year Blog
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2. Best Life Qatar

About Blog Best Life Qatar is a Family Adventure Blog which features our passion for travel, the activities we do as a family, the food places we love, thoughts on my mind, the business-man side of me and more. It shows the best that life has to offer in this beautiful country Qatar. Frequency 1 post / week Since Feb 2016 Blog
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3. Qatar Eating

About Blog Qatar Eating is your place for restaurant reviews and news about all things food and dining in Qatar. Since Nov 2014 Blog
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4. BQ magazine - Business in Qatar and Beyond

About Blog BQ magazine is the go to place for business and economy news on Qatar and the GCC. Both a monthly print publication and a news portal, it features the latest and most in depth news. Frequency 18 posts / day Blog
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5. blog - Qatar's #1 property site

About Blog is the number one property portal in Qatar. Since 2007, propertyfinder has been providing the tools to help consumers find the properties that fit their needs. We work with brokers to list properties in one convenient site, and make it easier to see all of the information about those properties while browsing from your desktop or on the move. Frequency 5 posts / quarter Since Jan 2017 Blog
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6. Diary of a PMP mom

About Blog Hi, I am Shehar Bano Rizvi, a Pakistani expat living in Qatar for over 13 years. A story teller, a self-taught photographer with an eye to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, a globetrotter seeking new adventures in life, an interior design lover and a compulsive organizer, stirring up recipes in her kitchen and a multitasking mom sharing her passion through the blog. Frequency 14 posts / year Since Oct 2015 Blog
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7. Qatar IT Forum

About Blog Qatar IT Forum is a platform to bring all the like minded people from IT background on a single platform for better collaboration and social / professional. Qatar IT Forum strongly supports the following values Leadership of Qataris in the IT services market in Qatar, responsibility towards Qatar, co-existence with expats while maintaining the integrity of Qatar business practices. Frequency 30 posts / quarter Blog
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8. Autoz Qatar

About Blog if you're Qatari and you love cars you should follow the Autoz blog, get updates on the new and used cars in Qatar with the best car showroom in Qatar Since Apr 2016 Blog
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9. Qproperties

About Blog Qproperties is a real estate property finder website in Qatar with a wide range of residential and commercial properties for sale and for rent in Qatar. Frequency 2 posts / week Blog
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10. hapondo

About Blog Our desire to create an innovative product/technology that could fill this gap and help solve the problems we (and many people living in Qatar) had faced was the driving factor for us in creating hapondo. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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11. Essence Of Qatar

About Blog One-Stop Platform for Everything about Qatar. A personal blog relating to everything happening in Qatar and showing glimpses of different places situated in Qatar. Frequency 2 posts / day Since Feb 2020 Also in Blog
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12. New In Doha Inspiring You to Explore Qatar

About Blog New In Doha started in May 2017 with the aim to extend awareness of what's happening in Doha. We cover food, events, lifestyle, travel, and experiences in Qatar. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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13. Doing it in Doha

About Blog With a dynamic and interactive following, Doing it in Doha offers news and views to thousands of locals, expats, tourists and business owners. Frequency 30 posts / quarter Blog
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14. 1Click Laundry Blog

About Blog 1CLICK LAUNDRY is a new and growing online based laundry company, operating in the Middle East via e-commerce website and with headquarters at Qatar. The Core business competence is to offer an online platform and opportunity where customers can access a quick, easy and quality laundry and cleaning service. Frequency 6 posts / quarter Since May 2016 Blog
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15. Sana Binth Shakir

About Blog Welcome to the blog of Sana binth Shakir (le). Growing up in the State of Qatar, this South Indian girl is here to provide you the fusion of Desi and Arab culture. In my blog, I'll introduce you to My Lifestyle, Numerous Outfits, Reviews on Food and Places in Qatar. Frequency 8 posts / year Blog
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16. Skeptic in Qatar

About Blog In 2006 I moved to Qatar and things are not what many people in North America would expect.I'm also a fan of skepticism and science so wondered how this works here in Qatar. Since I'm here for a while I figured I'd use the time to get to know this country better and with this blog you can learn along with me Frequency 2 posts / month Since Sep 2006 Blog
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17. Doha Daze

About Blog David McILroy is a English teacher at Qatar Academy Doha. He blogs about his life in Doha on Doha Daze Frequency 1 post / day Since Apr 2013 Blog
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18. Dear Doha Diary

About Blog Im an English girl, living in Qatar since 2013. I have immersed myself in the arabic culture, developing close friendships with locals and other arabs from the region, Yemen in particular. I've travelled to the UAE, Jordan and Yemen in 2014 before the war started. I am fascinated by other cultures and blog about my life in Doha, Qatar, my travels in the region and my love of Yemen. Since Apr 2013 Blog
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19. Capital One Trading WLL

About Blog Capital One Trading WLL or Capital One Real Estate, is one of the leading Real Estate Companies operating in the state of Qatar which is engaged in renting of properties from reputed building owners on investment basis and sub-leases it to individual customers and corporate on annual rental basis. Looking for Furnished Apartments for Rent? We have thousands of Property Rentals available Frequency 1 post / month Since Nov 2017 Blog
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20. Loyola Delicious Life

About Blog Have fun cooking with your loved ones Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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21. LIS Traveler

About Blog Welcome to this blog! My name is Sebastian Wilke. Coming from Berlin, Germany, I am currently based in Doha, Qatar, where I work as a Senior Information Services Librarian for Humanities at the Qatar National Library. This blog is a platform for me to share resources and thoughts connected to my fields of interest and to report about projects and activities I am currently involved in. Frequency 4 posts / year Since Aug 2008 Blog
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22. Clumsy Chic | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger in Qatar

About Blog Sharing my daily musings on fashion, motherhood and my life as a young family in the Middle East. Since Apr 2012 Blog
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23. Ms. Hala | the ranting blogger

About Blog Loud news junkie who loves faith, food, lipstick, shoes, cars & travel. Currently repatriating to #SF from #Qatar after 5 yrs! Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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24. Dr Shahira | A Parenting and Muslim Lifestyle Blog

About Blog I started as a private personal blogger on Querencia in January 2008. My Faith (Islam) is an important part of my life and hence I shall write about Islamic traditions and rules in relation to motherhood and our Muslim lifestyle in general. Frequency 2 posts / year Since Jan 2014 Also in Blog
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25. New in Doha

About Blog NewinDoha is documenting the journey of discovering the world from the perspective of someone who has just moved to Doha. Join me on my adventure around Doha! Find out whats happening in Doha, tips for discovering Doha and my reviews as I discover what Doha has to offer. Blog
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