quit smoking podcasts

1. Quit Smoking with Ravi Singh

About Podcast Quitting Smoking is quite easier than you think! The benefits of smoking are the worst-kept secrets of myths and lies. However, I won't tell you this by rhetoric but would rather marinate you with common sense, research, and scientific data. Frequency 5 episodes / quarter Since May 2020 Podcast
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2. Quit Smoking With Me

About Podcast You don't have to quit smoking alone, we have created this podcast to give smokers an opportunity to quit smoking with a buddy, on YOUR time! Start off with our Prep-isodes where we go into deep detail on how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for putting down the habit on YOUR decided quit date. This is a community-based podcast where listeners can call in and contribute their input. Frequency 1 episode / quarter Since Jan 2019 Podcast
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3. Quitting smoking

About Podcast A podcast about quitting the cigs. This will be my journey on going cold turkey, no easy task for heavy, long time smoker. But if I succeed and it helps even one person to quit too, the long journey will be worth it! Frequency 20 episodes / year Since Dec 2019 Podcast
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4. High Performance Stop Smoking

About Podcast Stop smoking podcast to motivate everyone to be free from the habit of smoking. Listen to my podcast and provide your support. Frequency 3 episodes / year Since Apr 2020 Podcast
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5. Tobacco Cessation Policy Podcast

About Podcast The Tobacco Cessation Policy Podcast explores new initiatives, policies and systems changes to increase tobacco cessation. It aims to help public health professions learn new information about tobacco cessation coverage and improve systems to help smokers quit. Frequency 4 episodes / year Since Mar 2019 Also in Podcast
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6. Quit Smoking Podcast | Quitting Smoking Isn't Hard, Deciding To Is.

About Podcast Joe Bianco, a longtime addict to anything mind and body altering found the secret that had eluded him and many others for far too long. After 26 years of smoking he finally found the way Joe Bianco, a longtime addict to anything mind and body altering found the secret that had eluded him and many others for far too long. After 26 years of smoking he finally found the way. You too can have the freedom that escaping this challenge can give you, you just have to want it more than you want to smoke. He is living proof that quitting smoking is totally doable. Frequency 6 episodes / month Since Oct 2020 Podcast
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7. Quit Smoking. My Humble Thoughts

About Podcast Hi, I'm in the process of quitting smoking and these are some of my thoughts each day. Beginning at Day 2. One persons perspective. #quitsmoking Frequency 13 episodes / quarter Since Aug 2020 Podcast
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8. Diogo Quits Smoking

About Podcast Hi, I'm Diogo and I'm saying out loud that I'm quitting smoking. Using a well known strategy of 'tell as much people as you can that you are quitting', I've extrapolated that into a weekly Sunday podcast in which 'how difficult', 'what bothers' and 'what's worse' in quitting smoking are some of the topics approached, keeping an eye (and an opinion) on what's going on in the world. Learn about how as this experience been treating me and place your bets on if I can do it or not. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Oct 2020 Podcast
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9. MA Speaker Tapes

About Podcast A collection of speaker recordings from the Marijuana Anonymous World Phone Meetings, MA Conventions, and more. 'Marijuana Anonymous is a fellowship of people who share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from marijuana addiction.' Frequency 6 episodes / week Since Jun 2020 Podcast
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