retail podcasts

1. Total Retail Talks

About Podcast Total Retail Talks is for retail executives who crave the knowledge and insights needed to stay successful in today's fast-paced industry. Through engaging talks and focused interviews, listeners take away useful information and practical advice from a full roster of retail experts, influencers and Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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2. Retail Focus Podcast

About Podcast Each week, we release a new podcast covering the world of retail Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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3. Retail Redeveloped

About Podcast Retail Redeveloped, the Podcast will broaden the listeners' perspectives through intimate and honest conversations with our host, Adam Williams, and guests who've made the market's retail and Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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4. Retail Ramble Podcast

About Podcast Once a week, Essential Retail sits down with a leading expert in retail deploying the Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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5. RETHINK Retail Podcast

About Podcast RETHINK Retail podcast is about the evolution of retail in today's connected world. Join us as we explore the most recent trends and innovations in commerce with industry leaders, senior executives, authors, advisors, and renowned sources. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Jun 2018 Podcast
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6. The Commerce Marketer Podcast

About Podcast Step into The Commerce Marketer studio as we chat with experts across the retail industry about email marketing, Frequency 8 episodes / year Podcast
Twitter followers 480K ⋅ Domain Authority 57

7. Tech and Mortar

About Podcast Tyler Carlson of SiteZeus sits down with retail industry experts to discuss the intersection between retail and technology, how these individuals embraced or avoided this evolution, and how that affected the business. Frequency 7 episodes / year Since Jul 2018 Podcast
Facebook fans 202 ⋅ Twitter followers 312 ⋅ Domain Authority 35 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.1M

8. 2X eCommerce Podcast

About Podcast 2X eCommerce Podcast is an Ecommerce Podcast Show dedicated to rapid growth and scale in online retail. It is neither for enterprise nor for micro etailers. It is geared to helping ambitious online retailers looking at scaling by 2X, 3X or even 10x. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Nov 2014 Podcast
Twitter followers 9K ⋅ Instagram Followers 208 ⋅ Domain Authority 18 ⋅ Alexa Rank 4.3K

9. Future Commerce

About Podcast Future Commerce podcast provides a strategy for modern brands. Future-leaning insights that give you tools to shape the future of your retail business. From DTC e-commerce to Amazon Four Star and beyond. Frequency 1 episode / day Podcast
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10. Dealerscope

About Podcast In the high-strung consumer Frequency 3 episodes / quarter Podcast
Twitter followers 6.9K ⋅ Social Engagement 11 ⋅ Domain Authority 58 ⋅ Alexa Rank 302.6K

11. Retail Intel

About Podcast Retail Intel is a podcast series brought to you by Phillips Edison and Company, one of the nation's largest owners and operators of grocery-anchored shopping centers. Join Mike Conway and his guests as they explore emerging trends, insights, and hot topics in the retail real estate industry. Frequency 1 episode / month Podcast
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12. Omni Talk

About Podcast Omni Talk is a series of podcast productions from and, hosted by leading omnichannel retail experts, Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga, and other frequent guest contributors. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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13. The Retail Podcast - DeathGround

About Podcast Keep up with latest podcasts and information from The Retail Podcast. Frequency 1 episode / quarter Podcast
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14. Retail Leasing for Rockstars

About Podcast Tips for retail leasing agents to kick ass every day and fill vacancies at the highest rents. From this podcast, one can look to the leasing agent best, maximize the commercial property's value, increase the occupancy, optimize the tenant services or otherwise grow the retail real estate business. Frequency 6 episodes / month Podcast
Facebook fans 720 ⋅ Twitter followers 1.3K ⋅ Domain Authority 82 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2.7K

15. Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

About Podcast Wendy works with creative shop owners all over the world and with industry leaders. In Creative Shop Talk, Wendy digs into the problems and solutions that 'accidental shopkeepers' and hobbyists turned retail business owners face. Wendy dives deep in mindset and best practices for retailers with masterclass trainings, business strategies, expert guests and industry insiders, and more. Each episode is designed to help busy and passionate creative shop owners take action, work through their overwhelm and get focused on strategic business areas. Frequency 3 episodes / month Since Jan 2020 Podcast
Facebook fans 1.1K ⋅ Domain Authority 3 ⋅ Alexa Rank 4.2K

16. Confessions of Retail: All the Tea

About Podcast Listen to Lexy and Amy talk about different retail stories. Their own crazy encounters and listener submitted ones. Frequency 3 episodes / month Since Mar 2019 Podcast
Domain Authority 72 ⋅ Alexa Rank 4.3K

17. ReTell Pharmacy

About Podcast Each episode, we dive into all things frustrating, weird, confusing, and even great about the odd world of retail Frequency 1 episode / week Since Jul 2018 Podcast
Twitter followers 3.4K ⋅ Domain Authority 8 ⋅ Alexa Rank 4.6K

18. Retail Coffee Break

About Podcast If this is you, go crank up your Keurig or stop by your favorite coffee shop as we discuss the business of fashion and retail every single week over a cup of joe. In these casual conversations, Nick sits down with the leaders of the industry as well as those on the front lines to discuss the current state and future of the retail business. Since Covid 19 hit, it is no secret that retail has been hit hard, and the hardest-hit category is fashion. Through these conversations we hope to empower the industry to get through this stronger than ever. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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19. Retail Gets Real

About Podcast Join the National Retail Federation for authentic, insightful conversations with the industry's most interesting people. Hear Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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20. The Retail Podcast | British Retail Consortium

About Podcast UK retail touches the lives of millions of people every day. It is a driving force in our economy, a hotbed of Frequency 2 episodes / month Podcast
Twitter followers 16.7K ⋅ Domain Authority 89 ⋅ Alexa Rank 32.7K

21. Retail Is Your Business

About Podcast Retail Is Your Business is a weekly podcast covering the intersection of innovation/technology and business strategy in the world of retail with a focus on consumer experience. As informed hosts dive deep with insiders from industry leaders to cutting edge startup founders crucial insights, career journeys, trends, new ideas, and the state and trajectory of the retail industry become accessible with a fun and comfortable morning radio vibe. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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22. Retail Refined

About Podcast Hosted by retail strategist Melissa Gonzalez, Retail Refined is designed for retail leaders and retail lovers alike. The Retail Refined podcast explores the in-store technology of the future, challenge the industry's preconceived notions, and sit down with retail's biggest names to understand the brand strategies that will define the next decade in retail. Guests to date have included Intel, Salesforce, eShopWorld, Impinj and more. Frequency 7 episodes / day Since Jun 2020 Podcast
Twitter followers 2.7K ⋅ Social Engagement 3 ⋅ Domain Authority 43 ⋅ Alexa Rank 213.3K

23. The Voice of Retail

About Podcast The Voice of Retail is a weekly podcast hosted by retail pioneer and veteran Michael LeBlanc and produced in conjunction with Retail Council of Canada. Each and every week he interviews the most interesting people in the retail industry and along with expert insight & analysis, take a curated look at the top retail stories in Canadian, U.S. and International retail for the past week. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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24. Women In Retail Talks

About Podcast The Women in Retail Talks podcast is for Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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25. Retail Geek

About Podcast Retail Geek is about how we shop, what makes a great retail experience online or in-store, and how retailers occasionally fall short. It's also about some of the cool technologies that get used in the art of shopper marketing, and occasionally about some of the great Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
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