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1. Life Part 2 | Retirement Travel Adventure Blog

About Blog In 2011 Jonathan Look sold everything he owned, took early retirement and began travelling the world. He started this blog to demonstrate to his fellow baby boomers that the world is not some scary place and it is still open and available to those who are motivated and curious enough to go out and see it for themselves. Frequency 1 post / day Since Feb 2010 Also in Blog
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2. Retire Early And Travel | We show you how to retire early and inspire you to travel

About Blog Retire Early and Travel is a website dedicated to showing you how to retire early, live abroad and travel the world. Live life! Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Feb 2015 Also in Blog
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3. Retired And Travelling

About Blog This is a Travel blog of semi-retired couple featuring Europe, trips to south, cruising and North American road trips. Frequency 1 post / week Since Jan 2014 Also in Blog
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4. Travel Past 50

About Blog We're Kristin Henning and Tom Bartel. In 2010, we sold our business, our home, our possessions, and gave away our dog.We've been traveling the world ever since. Travel Past 50 offers encouragement, entertainment, and information, with sharp writing, personal tales, and professional photography, for travelers over the age of 50. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Oct 2010 Blog
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5. Passing | A Travel Centred Life

About Blog Location independence provides freedom to travel and enjoy our work! Our goal is to inspire and inform as we share our experiences around the world with you! Frequency 6 posts / quarter Since Jul 2008 Blog
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6. 50 Shades of Age » Travel Archives

About Blog I'm a new age 50 something woman. I'm a blogging, shopping savvy, cappuccino sipping, book clubbing, healthy eating, yoga loving, world traveller. Frequency 3 posts / month Since Nov 2012 Blog
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7. Gr8 Travel Tips

About Blog Welcome to Gr8 Travel Tips by Robert. He is a Passionate Travel Blogger focusing on The Millions of Baby Boomers Around the World. He Enjoys Sharing All Kinds of Travel Tips, Travel Inspiration, Exciting Travel Destinations, Travel Health, Travel Fitness, Sports Travel, Travel Products and Much More! Frequency 6 posts / week Since Apr 2013 Also in Blog
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8. Exploring the Prime

About Blog Living a joyful post-professional life. Our kids are grown, we are retiring, now we are ready to explore and travel while we are in the prime of our lives. Since Jul 2018 Blog
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9. One Road at a Time | Travel Blog

About Blog We are Patti and Abi. We retired early to live a simpler life, travel the world and hopefully, inspire others to redefine retirement. Frequency 1 post / week Since Aug 2012 Blog
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10. Always and Forever Home

About Blog A blog about widower septuagenarian charting his travels through around the globe. Frequency 12 posts / quarter Since Jun 2018 Blog
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11. Early Retirement Now » Travel

About Blog You can't afford not to retire early! Since Mar 2016 Blog
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12. Root of Good | Retired in 2013 at age 33. Life is Good.

About Blog Retiring at 33 has been pretty awesome. More time for family, friends, and personal interests without the interruptions and work related stress. Frequency 2 posts / quarter Since Jun 2015 Also in Blog
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13. No Particular Place To Go

About Blog We're retired US expats with a yen for new horizons traveling since 2012 and currently based in Portugal. Since May 2013 Blog
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14. Strick's Retirement

About Blog A running account of our retirement activities. Have fun viewing. Frequency 1 post / month Since Sep 2010 Blog
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15. Retirement Travelers

About Blog John & Bev Martin of Retirement Travelers are traveling the world, sharing their adventures while hoping to inspire others to create their own experiences. Follow to get updates. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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16. Adventure And Retire

About Blog I want to show you that you can travel on a budget without breaking the bank and at the same time enjoying your trip. Hopefully, it will inspire you to travel too and show you that the world is not a scary place to avoid. The whole point of this blog is to inspire you to travel and see the world. Frequency 4 posts / month Blog
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17. Seniors with Latitude

About Blog Inspiration & Resources for the Senior Traveler. We are your Global Lifestyle Specialists. Helping you travel longer, for less and have more fun doing it. Frequency 12 posts / year Blog
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18. Passage For Two

About Blog Passage For Two is an adventure-of-a-lifetime travel blog featuring inspirational stories, amazing destinations, how-to advice and tips to inspire your nomadic wanderlust. Since Jun 2017 Blog
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19. Kathleen Golden | Retirement Blog

About Blog A personalized Retirement blog featuring interviews, guests and travel guides for a creative and satisfying 'second act'. Share your story with Kathleen! Frequency 10 posts / year Blog
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20. Bob and Jane's Excellent Adventure | Retirement on the Road

About Blog After more than 30 years in education, Bob, & I sold our home in Big Rapids, Michigan, & all our belongings & have lived a nomadic lifestyle since New Years 2015. We've visited lots of Europe & the United States. Retirement allows us to travel at a slower pace enjoying subtleties of what we see. We don't consider ourselves tourists as much as temporary residents. We're having more fun than we ever imagined & meeting lots of interesting folks. I hope through my blog you'll travel along with us. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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21. Retirednomad's Blog

About Blog Retired traveler indulging in choices & travel inexpensively. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Jul 2010 Blog
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22. The Simple Adventures Of Sue & Lee Ann

About Blog We are living a simple but happy retirement together. We enjoy travel, learning, laughing, fitness and a great-grandchild. Since Jan 2016 Blog
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