traumatic brain injury podcasts

1. Concussion Talk

About Podcast Concussion Talk Podcasts will feature interviews with; doctors, physiotherapists, who work in the field of concussion and brain injury, others in the medical field, athletes, trainers, coaches, others. Frequency 2 episodes / week Since Jun 2015 Podcast
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2. A Battle Within

About Podcast Welcome to A Battle Within! This is a podcast where Terry and Drew Niemann tell our stories and share the stories of our guests living with Traumatic Brain Injuries. Through the podcast, we aim to:1. Help others going through Post Concussion Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury develop a sense of community through the stories.2. Provide a greater sense of awareness with the 'Invisible Injury'. 3. Get help ourselves!. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Mar 2019 Podcast
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3. The Concussion Code

About Podcast The #1 silent killer of relationships is a traumatic brain injury. Few individuals are equipped with the skills needed to understand the stranger beside us. Lori Runzer, a respected therapist, knows first hand what goes on behind closed doors. Dean, her husband, had an accident that changed everything. They had to learn to love, again after his traumatic brain injury. If you are living in quiet desperation seeking to protect your marriage. Be sure to listen in. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Aug 2020 Podcast
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4. The NeuroNerds

About Podcast Recovering from a stroke or brain injury can feel very lonely, but the NeuroNerds are here to help through their love of all things nerd! The hosts share stories from their personal recovery journeys; offer tips for coping and thriving; interview fellow survivors and experts, and talk about varying nerd topics. If you're a stroke or brain injury survivor, a caregiver or family member of a survivor or just a big lover of nerd culture, this podcast is for you. Frequency 2 episodes / week Since Feb 2018 Also in Podcast
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5. Brain Injury Radio

About Podcast People have heard about brain injury but they really don't think about until it happens to them, which at that point it is all they or anyone they know can talk about. It is a sinister injury that can change everything in a blink of an eye, and as it goes on misunderstood the dark side of a person a new person starts to emerge, spouses suddenly in a relationship with a stranger, even the survivor does not know themselves. Lost alone and frightened learn about it before it's too late, before it can take you or a loved one's life away forever, the more you know the better you will be. You are not along there are millions of us among you. We represent over 70% of those in prison and even more of the homeless. Together we can stop the devastating effects of this sinister injury that can last a life time. One that is big business over 75 billion a year, where the rich control the destiny of the lost for a buck. Let us make a world where we are accepted not jailed or isolated, empowered not controlled. One where we embrace this new person to be a better, braver, strong more creative and productive part of society. Frequency 5 episodes / week Podcast
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6. Mind Your Brain

About Podcast The Mind Your Brain Foundation was established to share research, insights, and therapies designed to address the personal and medical challenges faced by those affected by Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In this podcast, we will hear from clinical experts, research authorities, and TBI survivors on a variety of topics in order to provide tips and resources that can help to promote a healthy and fulfilling life post-injury. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Aug 2020 Podcast
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7. Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

About Podcast Jim Kwik is the founder of, a widely recognized world leader in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning with students in over 150 countries. After a childhood brain injury left him learning-challenged, Kwik created strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance. He has since dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Mar 2017 Podcast
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8. Time To Talk Traumatic Brain Injury

About Podcast For survivors by survivors. Living quality and productive life after sustaining a head injury or stroke. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Aug 2019 Podcast
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9. Living With TBI

About Podcast This is where I will talk about my life with Traumatic Brian Injury. Frequency 4 episodes / month Since Aug 2020 Podcast
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10. Faces of TBI

About Podcast A podcast dedicated to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion awareness. Created by survivors for survivors. Hear from survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, and others! Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast

11. TRex Talk

About Podcast In this series, Evan Singleton outlines his start as a wrestler in the WWE and how a traumatic brain injury changed his life. Setting the course for his current goal of becoming The World's Strongest Man. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Sep 2020 Podcast
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12. Brain Injury Today

About Podcast Brain Injury Today is the official podcast of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington. Join Executive Director Deborah Crawley for insightful and inspiring conversations from members of the brain injury community. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Mar 2020 Podcast
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13. Brain Injury Answers

About Podcast David Glazer, MD is board certified in Brain Injury Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is excited to answer questions and spread awareness about traumatic brain injuries. The goal of this podcast is to give people the information they need to deal with these injuries as they occur. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since May 2019 Podcast
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14. The Brain Possible

About Podcast The Brain Possible podcast shares the inspirational stories of parents and caregivers--as well as interviews with doctors, authors, leading thinkers, and paradigm-shifters in the realm of pediatric health and wellness--all in an effort to change the conversation around childhood brain injury from limitations to possibilities. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Apr 2020 Podcast
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15. My Brain Injured Friends

About Podcast Beate and Alexandra each suffered a brain injury (stroke) in their 20's and talks about everyday life and the ways these injuries still affect them. Conversations will include details about how their injuries happened and all the insights they've gained over the past years. They are here to be a friend, a voice, and an ear to those living with a brain injury as well as to offer guidance to those who have someone in their lives dealing with one. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Aug 2020 Podcast
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16. Skippy Sprinkles

About Podcast I have a Traumatic Brain Injury, I was in a coma for 45 days. Let's have some fun and be happy! Frequency 1 episode / week Since Oct 2020 Podcast
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17. 2020

About Podcast Traumatic brain injury survivor shares first hand experience, coping with trials and tribulations after severe traumatic brain injury. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Aug 2020 Podcast
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18. Heads 'N Tales Podcast

About Podcast Kevin Saum suffered a traumatic brain injury called second impact syndrome during a high school football game, which ended his athletic career and nearly ended his life. Kevin created the Head's 'N Tales podcast to serve as a platform for other athletes who have been dealt with life-altering injuries, illnesses, or other obstacles throughout their careers to share their story's and to learn how they persevered in the face of adversity. Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Since Nov 2018 Podcast
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19. Life After Coma

About Podcast Life after a coma is possible. Recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is life-altering and hard. Join us on our journey back to a new normal. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Oct 2020 Podcast
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About Podcast Featured podcasts are produced by the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center or DVBIC, the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Center of Excellence for the Defense Health Agency - a division of the Research and Development Directorate. Episodes focus on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and clinical practices relevant to patient care. Frequency 15 episodes / month Since Aug 2019 Podcast
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21. Sacred Exchange

About Podcast A Podcast featuring the practice of self-care and mental health from the perspective of teachers, students, and practitioners. Micah, a TBI champion and mental health warrior, set out to heal himself from the trauma of homophobia, moral injury, and traumatic brain injuries. His journey began in evidence-based psychotherapy and eventually landed at yoga and meditation. Micah wanted to create a platform for others to share their journey through self-care, and to speak frankly about mental health. Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Since Jul 2020 Podcast
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22. Life Over Pain

About Podcast Life Over Pain is a podcast full of inspiring stories from people with chronic pain and/or traumatic brain injury. Their stories are about how they are not defined by their pain or injury. They describe how they make choices to adapt to their present circumstances to create lives of value despite pain and loss. Frequency 1 episode / quarter Since Jan 2018 Podcast
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23. Brain Injury Association Hawke's Bay Inc

About Podcast Vicki Welsby, Community Educator for Brain Injury HB presents a monthly bulletin or interview on the topic of brain injury. Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Since Jun 2020 Podcast
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24. Beyond Brain Injury

About Podcast The podcast by survivors, for survivors, about survivors. We take a candid and fearless dive into brain injury and the world of invisible disability. Brain injury is the #1 killer and disabler of people under 40. A brain injury can change everything in an instant. Forever. Largely invisible, isolated and stigmatized, this community is also where the most incredible comeback stories of resilience, recovery and reinvention live. Our hosts live it every day. Let's talk about life beyond brain injury, celebrate neurodiversity and make the invisible visible together. Frequency 1 episode / quarter Since Jun 2020 Podcast
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25. Picking Your Brain

About Podcast Picking Your Brain is a four-part series from the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center that focuses on the care and recovery of service members and veterans who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. Episodes were released weekly during March as part of Brain Injury Awareness Month and focused on military and civilian medical providers, active-duty service members, and veterans who have sustained a TBI, as well as the loved ones who support their recovery process. Frequency 6 episodes / year Since Apr 2020 Podcast
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