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1. Moneywise Magazine | UK's Personal Finance Magazine

About Blog Moneywise is the UK's best-selling personal finance magazine. Since its launch in 1990, Moneywise magazine has informed and educated millions of people about how to make the most of their hard earned money, by helping people to identify the right investment products such as individual savings accounts (Isas) or pensions and by showing them how to avoid the unnecessary cost associated. Frequency 30 posts / yearAlso in Blog
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2. Monevator | Retirement | London Personal Finance Blog

About Blog Want to learn how to take control of your money and invest for the future? Then Monevator is the website for you. Learn about Making more money, investing profitably and Retire Early. Follow this site to get advice and tips on controlling your money. Frequency 3 posts / week Since Sep 2007 Also in Blog
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3. The Motley Fool UK - Share Tips, Investing and Stock Market News

About Blog Fool UK has online newsletters providing share tips and portfolio guidance, plus a share dealing service. We also cover investing and stock market news. Follow this site to get Tips, Investing and Stock Market News. Frequency 25 posts / day Blog
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4. This is Money | Be your own Financial Adviser | Predictions, Advice & Tips

About Blog Your complete guide to personal finance and investing with news, predictions, advice, guides and opinion from the financial website of the year. Follow us to keep up with financial predictions, advice & tips. Frequency 12 posts / dayAlso in Blog
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5. 7 Circles

About Blog 7 Circles provides the information and tools to allow the private investor to look after their own money by making their own decisions. The UK Guide for the DIY Investor - a step-by-step guide for private investors of all ages along their journey to retirement and financial independence. Follow this site as we guide you move through investment hell towards towards financial independence. Frequency 3 posts / week Blog
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6. What Investment | Our guide to investing for retirement

About Blog What Investment is a niche investment service for the active investor who holds a portfolio of different investments.What Investment is the magazine that helps investors search out such opportunities with in-depth features explaining a wide range of investment options, regular monitoring of the factors influencing global asset classes markets and sectors. Follow to seek out the best funds, shares and investment ideas. Frequency 1 post / day Since May 2005 Blog
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7. UK Value Investor | For dividend-focused value investors

About Blog Hello. My name is John Kingham and I'm the founder and editor of UK Value Investor. I publish a monthly investment newsletter for defensive and dividend-focused value investors. It's mission is to provide investors with tools and information to help them build high quality, high yield portfolios. Follow my website as I provide investors with dividend focused information. Frequency 1 post / month Since Feb 2008 Also in Blog
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8. Property Investments UK

About Blog Here you will find property investment tips, training, mentorship, guides or videos. Property investing, like any investment carries risks. It's important to note that Results achieved in property or using our training course is only a typical and may vary from user to user. Follow this blog to discover Personalised Property Investment Deals, News, Insights and In-Depth Training. Frequency 3 posts / week Since Dec 2007 Also in Blog
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9. UK Investing - Reddit

About Blog An investing subreddit focused on UK companies and news. Both medium/long term investments and short-term speculation are welcome here. Follow this reddit to get UK investment news and information. Frequency 3 posts / day Blog
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10. Schroders | The Value Perspective

About Blog Schroders value investment team aims to provide greater insight into the area of equity investing and TVP. It is now the definitive resource on value investing in UK equities. UK based value investors share their thoughts and opinions on value investing on our blog. Follow us to keep up with insights on equity investing in UK. Frequency 3 posts / week Since Mar 2011 Also in Blog
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11. Nutmegonomics - Personal finance with a twist

About Blog Nutmeg is an online investment management service. Personal finance with a twist. The online investment service that's intelligent, straightforward & fair. Specialising in investments, ISAs & pensions. Capital at risk. Follow this site to get easy tips and tricks to investing that delivers excellent performance and value. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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12. Investment Week Magazine

About Blog Investment Week provides the latest investment news, analysis and opinion for wealth managers and the UK funds industry. Frequency 11 posts / day Blog
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13. Invstr

About Blog Investing for Everyone. Our mission is to empower people to take charge of their financial lives by providing them with the education, resources and opportunity to become real investors. Frequency 3 posts / day Since Oct 2014 Blog
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14. Mazars UK Trusted Advisers

About Blog Talking investments, tax and personal finance with Mazars Private Clients. Mazars is an international, independent and integrated organisation specialising in audit, accounting, tax and advisory services. Frequency 1 post / day Since Nov 2013 Blog
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15. Property Investment Project | UK's Biggest Landlord Blog

About Blog Documenting one man's struggle to financial success through Property & Buy-to-Let. From Property Idiot, to Property Landlord. Follow this site to get landlord information and advice. Frequency 1 post / week Since Nov 2006 Also in Blog
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16. Seven Capital | Property Investment News & Guides

About Blog SevenCapital is a forward-thinking property investment company transforming commercial spaces in key city centre locations into stunning residential apartments. Get the latest property investment news from Seven Capital. You'll find industry news, useful guides & our latest company updates right here. Frequency 1 post / day Since Oct 2016 Blog
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17. The Escape Artist

About Blog You can escape to financial freedom... Our goals are a lot easier to achieve if you are financially independent. Financial independence (FI) means you have enough money to never have to work again. Escaped to financial freedom...maybe you can too? Financial Coaching. Investing. Frequency 1 post / week Since May 2014 Also in Blog
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18. Cult Wines | Wine Investment Blog

About Blog The latest wine investment news from around the World. Everything you need to know about wine investment. Whether buying, selling or advice. With more than 15 years of experience in fine wine and as one of the UK's largest fine wine investment companies, we are perfectly positioned to assist and advise our private clients to exploit the full potential of investment in this market. Follow this blog to get the latest wine investment news from around the World. Frequency 2 posts / week Since Mar 2013 Also in Blog
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19. Progressive Property

About Blog Progressive Property is a personal, nationwide networking and educational community for any property investor or entrepreneur who is hungry to make more money, invest more reliably, and lay a path to greater freedom, choice and profit. Frequency 6 posts / year Since May 2007 Blog
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20. Investment Idiocy

About Blog I am Rob Carver; an ex Hedge fund manager and derivatives trader, economist and statistics/finance geek. Robert Carver writes about investment and trading. Systematic Trading, Quantitative Finance, Investing, Financial Activism, Economic decision making. Frequency 1 post / month Since Dec 2013 Blog
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21. FJP Investment

About Blog Property Investments Made Easy. FJP Investment offers investment opportunities to retail investors interested in alternative investments. UK and Overseas property investments available. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Jul 2013 Blog
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22. Buy2LetCars

About Blog Buy2LetCars offer high return investments and provide investors with a way to fund brand new vehicles. It's a great way of making your money work harder. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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23. Bond Vigilantes

About Blog Commentary on bond markets by M&G's retail bond team. Follow this blog as it shares our views on the things that matter to bond investors - inflation, interest rates and the global economy as well as talking about the bond markets themselves. Frequency 4 posts / month Since Nov 2006 Also in Blog
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24. MoneyGrower

About Blog This blog will act as a real time version of my actions, investments and thoughts that will help me achieve this goal. So why don't you come on this journey with me by following my story and seeing how you can achieve financial freedom as well. Frequency 2 posts / week Since Nov 2014 Blog
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25. Master Investor Magazine

About Blog Master Investor empowers private investors to take charge of their financial destiny. We cover a range of subjects, from shares to pensions. The unique platform dedicated to all things investment related. Independent news, tips and daily blog. Frequency 5 posts / day Blog
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