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1. Vaastu Naresh

About Blog A gold medallist, Mr. Naresh Singal is an internationally acclaimed Vaastu, Feng Shui and pyramidology consultant who has dedicated more than 18 years of service to Vaastu shastra. Having made a mark in the field of Vaastu in 14 countries and in India, he was duly honoured with the prestigious and coveted Vaastu Shree and Vaastu Visharad awards. Frequency 1 post / week Since Jan 2012 Blog
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2. Saral Vaastu

About Blog Saral Vaastu is not a generic Vaastu. It is Unique Scientific Solutions based on individual date of birth and dwelling. An individual can enhance Positive Energy which will bring Happiness & Prosperity. It is redefined version of ancient Vaastu Shastra and comprises of various 'Algorithmic' which defines scientific solution to attain prosperity. Frequency 30 posts / year Since Jun 2016 Blog
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3. Dr. Puneet Chawla | India's #1 Vastu Shastra Expert Consultant

About Blog Vaastu Expert and consultant Dr. Puneet Chawla provide vaastu remedies for home, business, office, commercial building, vacant plots etc. He rectifies the Vastu defects without demolition. Vaastu tips and remedies for professionals and students to get inner strength and positive energy. Frequency 1 post / month Since Mar 2012 Blog
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4. MahaVastu - Decoding Vastu Mysteries | Youtube

About Blog Dr. Khushdeep Bansal decoded Alchemy of Space, practicing 25 years and trained 2000 professionals in last 5 years. MahaVastu Corporation founded by him is pioneer in research and development of solutions for balancing influence of any built-up space, home or work place, on human lives and life situations. Frequency 2 videos / week Since Jun 2011 Blog
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About Blog Frequency 1 video / year Since Mar 2014 Also in Blog
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6. Vastu Abhishek - Astro Vastu | Youtube

About Blog Astro Vastu provide vastu solutions & remedies for money, growth and success. Consult for vastu corrections in your building to have more success and growth in your life. Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel believes that each and every individual on planet earth is unique in its own way and possess some special strengths which needs to be highlighted or activated in individual's life for more & more growth. Frequency 2 videos / week Since Jan 2016 Blog
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7. Vastu with Pallavi Chhelavda

About Blog Pallavi Chhelavda is a leading pioneer in the field of Vastu Feng Shui. As a practicing expert, she has spent 26 years providing consultations to a plethora of clients from all faiths and nationalities, including political figures and media personalities. Frequency 18 posts / year Since Mar 2017 Blog
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8. Reddit | Vastu

About Blog A place to discuss about anything related to Vastu. Frequency 30 videos / year Blog
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9. Anant Vastu

About Blog The honest, dependable best Vastu consultant in Kolkata you've been looking for. A star Astrologer offering easy to follow remedies to thousands of satisfied clients Frequency 11 posts / year Blog
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About Blog Blog
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11. VaastuKala

About Blog The art of channelizing positive energy. At Vaastukala we are constantly refining and redefining the subject through a feed back from our clients and blending it with the suggestions from our advisory board thus making it easy to follow by a concerned housewife for peace and prosperity of the home to a Corporate house for increasing output and enhancing team spirit / inter personal relationships. Frequency 17 posts / year Blog
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12. Vastu Shastra

About Blog Mr. Kunal Kaushik is a renowned Vastu expert who practices Feng shui, Numerology, Pyramidology, Astrology, and other related sciences also, along with Vastu. He has been practicing Vaastu, Feng shui, Numerology, Pyramidology, astrology, and tarot for the past ten years and is reigning from a family of Vastu experts. He has gone into the Depth of Vastu science to remove the Misconceptions which are prevailing in the society regarding this sacred Mystic Science. His Consultations and Advice are Scientific. Frequency 30 posts / year Since May 2019 Blog
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13. Vastu Expert Dr.Mahesh Surve | Youtube

About Blog Dr. Mahesh Surve has Ph.D in Vastushastra along with research and study in Gemology, Jyotish Shastras (Patrika), Numerology, Palmistry, Naturopathy and Psychology. Dr. Surve is well qualified and has a vast experience of healing people with his Vastu Solutions, all over country. Frequency 1 video / day Since Nov 2013 Blog
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14. Trinity Vaastu | Youtube

About Blog This channel is dedicated to creating solutions & pulling you from your stuck situations in LIFE. Create Astro-vaastu solutions. Frequency 4 posts / month Since May 2017 Blog
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15. Vaastu for Art of Living

About Blog Padmaja is a Vaastu and Feng-Shui consultant with years of experience and a huge clientele in different parts of the world. Her inquisitiveness towards this subject led her to do a lot of research and analysis under expert guidance. Vaastu for Art of Living was formed to give shape to her belief in Vaastu. Frequency 4 posts / year Since Nov 2016 Blog
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16. Vedic Advisor

About Blog This blog is dedicated to society for knowing about the Indian Vedic culture and its benefits in day to day life. In this blog we are regularly use to write Vedic principles,Astology,Vastu and other topic related to Vedic culture.We also write our research posts about Jagannath culture ,Veda,Purans and Sastras etc. Blog
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17. Vastu Samruddhi

About Blog Vastu Samruddhi Design Centre was founded by Young and Dynamic Engineers in 2000 as a pathway to help people achieve awareness on Vastu Science, Vastu Chakra balancing and Human Body Chakra healing, its remedies to lead an empowered life. Since Aug 2017 Blog
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18. Vastuonline

About Blog Jaswinder Sawhney is a 10 Yrs Professional Consultant Feng Shui, Vastu, Gems Energizing, Energy Scanner. Frequency 1 post / month Since Jan 2013 Blog
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19. Vedic Vastu Solutions

About Blog Vedic Vastu Solutions is a new age Vastu Consultancy based on the ancient principals of Vedic shastras. Sanjay Rajpurohit is an astute Vastushastri and also holds a MBA marketing degree. After completing his MBA, he joined his family business and is successfully spearheading the business for the last 9 years. He currently is a certified Vedic Vastushastri from the Institute of Vedic Vastushastra. Since Jun 2017 Blog
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20. Chandra Uday Vastu

About Blog VastuGuru Ritesh Goel, founder of Chandra Uday Vastu offers his help to all individuals, professionals and organisations cutting across the globe with his accumulated knowledge of the Vastu and all the other related subjects. Chandra Uday Vastu is also the confluence of various other expertises to create peace and prosperity in personal and professional lives. Since Jan 2017 Blog
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21. Evavaastu

About Blog We are the Prime Leader in the Field of Vastu Consultation Service Provider.We Provides Services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Vastu. Frequency 8 posts / quarter Blog
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22. Vaastu Mangaal

About Blog Our mission is to promote Vaastu Shastra and educate designers, architects, builders and homeowners of the potential of a more comfortable, happy and successful life lived in harmony through the principles of Vastu Shastra. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog
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