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1. Collectif | Vintage Clothing | Vintage Fashion

About Blog Vintage inspired 1940s and 1950s clothing and accessories. Collectif was established in the year 2000. Frequency 29 posts / dayAlso in Blog
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2. Glamourdaze

About Blog Glamourdaze is a vintage fashion and beauty archive website, blog featuring beautiful archive dress and beauty styles on film. A lavishly illustrated archive and blog of vintage fashion and beauty, with gorgeous imagery, films, educational reading. Frequency 1 post / weekAlso in Blog
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3. Vintage Fashion Guild

About Blog The best site for help and support on vintage fashion, with online resources, articles, forums and membership. the Vintage Fashion Guild (VFG) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the education, promotion and preservation of vintage fashion. Frequency 3 posts / week Blog
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4. Vintage Inspired Clothing & Costumes

About Blog links to the best vintage inspired clothing, costumes, shoes, and accessories for sale online from 1900 to 1960s. Learn fashion history and easy DIY costume tips. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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5. The House of Foxy - The Musings of a Foxy Lady

About Blog The House of Foxy is a ladies wear brand of vintage inspired clothing made in Britain (formerly known as 20th Century Foxy). Our mission is to bring beautiful, demure and glamourous clothing to the world - inspired by a truly golden era. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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6. Layers of Chic | vintage style

About Blog Eclectically feminine style by Mary Gui. Layers of Chic is a personal style blog featuring eclectic feminine looks, emphasizing the mixing of vintage and modern pieces with experimental layering. Frequency 1 post / year Blog
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7. calivintage

About Blog A blog by erin perez hagstrom. You're reading calivintage, a collection of personal style, fashion inspiration, and street style photography written by a california girl with a love for everything vintage. Frequency 5 posts / year Blog
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8. FIDM Museum Blog

About Blog The FIDM Museum Blog will be dedicated to showcasing selected garments and accessories from our fabulous collection, while also featuring occasional 'behind the scenes' glimpses of museum life.the FIDM Museum is devoted to the exhibition and interpretation of dress and textiles. Our collection focuses primarily on the 19th and 20th centuries, with an emphasis on American and European dress. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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9. Secret Plus Size Goddess

About Blog The ramblings of an Award Winning plus size 40 something lady with a new found lust for life!! Frequency 2 posts / week Blog
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10. Adored Vintage Blog | Fashion

About Blog Adored Vintage is an online vintage clothing store for women carrying hand selected antique and vintage clothing from the 1900s to the 1980s. Blog
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11. Blue 17- Vintage Clothing

About Blog Blue17 vintage clothing contains fashion, accesories and vintage clothing for Men & Women. Blue17 is also known for cheap vintage clothing that doesn't make any sacrifices on quality. Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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12. Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market

About Blog Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market inspires creativity by curating spaces to embrace a vintage lifestyle. Frequency 12 posts / year Blog
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13. Atomic Redhead

About Blog Atomic Redhead, focuses on my adventures, which mostly include shopping for vintage clothing, fun roadside Americana, museums, and amusement parks. Sometimes I share tips and tricks regarding vintage clothing and furnishings. Frequency 3 posts / month Blog
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14. StrangeBlog

About Blog Strangeblog is dedicated to Kali Pappas' many interests, including fashion (historical, vintage, retro, plus-sized, and in-between-sized), vintage home decor, Jane Austen's Emma, music and Disney theme park audio, and more! Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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15. Gracefully Vintage

About Blog Vintage fashion blogger from Sydney, Australia. Kayla made GracefullyVintage as an outlet to share and document Her outfits. The name comes from one of Her favourite actresses and style icons, Grace Kelly and Kayla's love of vintage fashion. Frequency 3 posts / week Blog
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16. RetroCat | Fashion

About Blog A blog about vintage fashion and beauty by vintage lover and makeup addict Sandra. Frequency 21 posts / year Blog
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17. A Curious Fancy

About Blog A Curious Fancy is a plus size fashion blog with a side of vintage. Ragini is a plus size fashion blogger with a fondness for the eccentric. She is unapologetically fat and femme. This blog is a chronicle of her personal style over the years. Her blog has been featured in Grazia and Marie Claire India. Frequency 5 posts / quarterAlso in Blog
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18. Livin' La VIda Vintage With Madges Hatbox

About Blog Livin' La VIda Vintage means celebrating vintage style in fashion, design and life. Frequency 27 posts / year Blog
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19. Lesley's Girls- Vintage Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

About Blog Lesley's Girls Vintage is a vintage fashion shop based in Colchester and this vintage and fashion lifestyle blog is connected to it. Enjoy reading more on the vintage travels, trials and tribulations of Lesley's Girls. Blog
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20. Vintage-Retro

About Blog We are dedicated to collecting and presenting information on vintage fashion from the Victorian era to the 1980s. Frequency 30 posts / year Blog
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21. It's Beyond My Control

About Blog Vintage fashion blog with a modern twist inspired by the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. I like to write as though I'm having a conversation with women who equally share my passion for vintage fashion from the 1930s-1950s, as well as those who are only starting their adventure with vintage and would like to learn how to mix it with contemporary brands. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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22. Secret of Diva Blog

About Blog Renowned Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles She was the fashion icon during the mid 20th century. She had appeared with several unique hair styles, which later become trendy hairstyles among the women. Audrey Hepburn was the pioneering among all the actresses of that age and therefore people still remember her fashion trends and Audrey Hepburn hairstyles. Frequency 30 posts / year Blog
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23. Rachel Ann Jensen

About Blog Rachel Jensen is sharing vintage style, patterns and beauty through Chicago chic blog. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog
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24. Vintage Chic

About Blog This is my blog for posting images from the large collection of old catalogs and fashion magazines I have piled up in my spare room. I'll be posting stuff from between the 1940s and the 1980s. A warning to visitors: Some of these images are scary! Frequency 1 post / day Blog
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25. Empress Vintage

About Blog Empress Vintage a new vintage boutique in Berkeley, CA featuring high quality vintage clothing & accessories for women and men. Blog
Facebook fans 775 ⋅ Twitter followers 15 ⋅ Instagram Followers 4.5K ⋅ Domain Authority 19 ⋅