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1. My Fab Finance | Black Personal Finance Blog

About Blog My Fab Finance is an award-winning personal finance site dedicated to helping millennial women change their money story and become their own fabulous. Follow this blog as we help you become financially free so you can do more of what you love. Frequency 6 posts / quarter Since Mar 2013 Also in Blog
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2. Natalie Bacon | The Modern Girl's Survival Guide

About Blog Natalie Bacon went from lawyer to financial planner to online entrepreneur. She designed her dream life and her passion is to help others design theirs through personal development, financial intelligence, and online business. Natalie Bacon encourages women to make and save money and design a life they love. Her blog is the ultimate 'modern girl's survival guide.' Follow this blog and get more tips on saving money and finance. Frequency 2 posts / week Since Feb 2014 Blog
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3. Money Nuggets | Female Personal Finance Blog

About Blog Welcome to Money Nuggets, a career and personal finance blog that is dedicated to helping women save more, spend wisely and secure their financial future. Follow this blog and get practical, realistic and common sense approach to money management that will help take positive action towards developing money management skills and enriching lives. Frequency 1 post / month Since Mar 2015 Blog
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4. Femme Frugality

About Blog Thinking women's money blog. Here on Femme Frugality you'll find articles about specific things I've done to handle my finances as they pertain to each area of my life. Follow this site and get commentary on women's finance and current events in the financial world. Frequency 5 posts / quarter Since Jun 2011 Blog
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5. City Girl Savings

About Blog City Girl Savings is an online community that offers budgeting and financial coaching services to help women achieve a financially successful lifestyle. We also offer ongoing coaching services and personalized budget plans for clients who need assistance reaching financial goals. Follow this site to get strategic budgeting services and money-saving methods to reach financial success! Frequency 2 posts / week Since Dec 2014 Also in Blog
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6. Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management

About Blog Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management, a leading financial advisory firm for women, was founded by Hilary Hendershott, a fiduciary financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner with over 17 years in the industry. Hilary's mission is to motivate women to be financially empowered and support women in their financial journey. Follow her blog and get affordable unbiased financial education and training to individuals who are committed to building and preserving wealth. Frequency 20 posts / year Since Jan 2015 Blog
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7. Golden Girl Finance | The Financial Voice for Women

About Blog Launched in 2008, Golden Girl Finance is Canada's media leader in financial content for women. We create original and unbiased financial content to educate and inspire Canadian women about investing, personal finance, retirement, philanthropy, and the psychology of money. Follow this site and get content on how to manage finances and money. Frequency 3 posts / month Since Nov 2016 Blog
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8. WIFE.org

About Blog The Women's Institute for Financial Education (WIFE.org) is the oldest non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial education to women in their quest for financial independence. Follow this site and find articles, information and help for women and money. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog
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9. Flow Financial Planning

About Blog I believe that women in tech need to focus on both career and financial opportunities. I want to give you financial guidance, yes, but also a connection to a broader community of professionals who can help you succeed in the industry. Flow is a fee-only, virtual financial planning firm. Frequency 2 posts / month Since Apr 2016 Blog
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10. The New Savvy | Stay Empowered; Be Financially Savvy

About Blog The New Savvy is the definitive financial and career guide for women. The New Savvy aims to empower smart, modern and independent women through meaningful content that are relevant, practical and interesting. Frequency 2 posts / week Blog
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11. Clever Girl Finance

About Blog Clever Girl Finance provides women with money coaching services, financial advice, financial tips and budgeting tools to inspire them to pursue their dreams of financial independence. Follow this blog to get tips to take charge of personal finance and build real wealth. Frequency 6 posts / week Since Aug 2015 Blog
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12. SugarMamma

About Blog SugarMamma.TV is your go to for Financial Coaching, Counselling and Creation. Inspiring a powerful financial movement, promoting financial independence and education. Showing everyday women how to instantly change and improve their relationship with money and finances, with easy bite size steps. Frequency 4 posts / month Blog
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13. Women's World Banking

About Blog Women's World Banking is the global non-profit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources essential to their security and prosperity. Frequency 1 post / day Since Feb 2011 Also in Blog
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14. First Hustle Then Brunch

About Blog First Hustle Then Brunch is a freedom lifestyle blog featuring tips on how to manage your money, start and grow an online business, and travel while repaying debt and building wealth. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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15. WISER Women

About Blog The Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement works to provide low and moderate income women (aged 18 to 65) with basic financial information aimed at helping them take financial control over their lives and to increase awareness of the structural barriers that prevent women's adequate participation in the nation's retirement systems. Frequency 3 posts / week Since Aug 2007 Also in Blog
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16. Workable Wealth Blog | Financial Education and Resources

About Blog You are in control of your financial education. Let us ditch the fancy lingo and start learning about money in a way that is fun and relatable. Fee-only financial planner based in San Diego working locally and virtually across the country helping young families, professional and entrepreneurial women, and military families. Frequency 1 post / week Since Aug 2013 Also in Blog
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17. The Female Money Doctor

About Blog I am a UK-based GP, turned money coach with a wealth of experience when it comes to making money mistakes. I'm on a mission to help others avoid doing the same so they can improve their health and well-being, build wealth for the future they truly deserve and ensure that their children have a sound financial education through passing on their skills. Wealthy women will change the world, and I am doing my part in making this happen. Frequency 1 post / weekAlso in Blog
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18. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

About Blog Women's Personal Finance Blog. I started Girls Just Wanna Have Funds in 2003 as a way for women to begin the conversation about money. Empowering women to break financial ceilings one stiletto at a time Frequency 19 posts / year Blog
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19. Girlfriend's, Budget!

About Blog Girlfriend's, Budget! is a fun and quirky financial blog geared to help women everywhere take back their power and gain financial freedom. Frequency 5 posts / year Since Jul 2016 Blog
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20. SavvyWoman | Finance for women

About Blog Finance for women Whether you find it easy to manage your money or feel that money slips through your fingers without you noticing, you'll find something on the SavvyWoman site to help you become a little richer. Frequency 1 post / yearAlso in Blog
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21. Woman & Finance

About Blog Woman&Finance is a platform that educates and inspires women to take charge of their finances. We empower our clients with financial tools, tips and techniques through our 1-on-1 personal finance coaching, employee financial wellness programs, workshops & webinars. Frequency 2 posts / quarter Since Jul 2016 Blog
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22. Brooklyn Plans | Certified Financial Planner

About Blog Helping women take control of their finances through personalized financial plans, classes and investment management. Frequency 1 post / year Blog
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23. Women with Cents

About Blog Women with Cents is a community established to give you the tools you need to help make wiser financial decisions. Founded by self-confessed finance fanatic and Director of Sova Financial, Natasha Janssens, Women with Cents connects like-minded women and supports them in changing their money habits. Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Feb 2016 Blog
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24. Harris & Harris Wealth Management

About Blog Zaneilia Harris and Harris & Harris is the leading financial adviser serving African American women in the DC, MD, VA area, as well as nationwide. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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25. Financial Planning for Women

About Blog The mission of Financial Planning for Women is to educate women about personal finance and investing and motivate them to take responsibility for their financial future. Frequency 6 posts / month Since Oct 2009 Blog
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